UW_logo_ścianka.jpgThe Faculty Council

The Faculty's Collegiate Body is the Faculty Council, whose competences are specified in the Statute of the University of Warsaw.
In particular, the Council of the Division shall:

  • determines the general directions of the Faculty's activities
  • adopts the mission of the Faculty and provides an opinion on the Faculty development of the plan prepared by the Dean
  • provides an opinion on the rules and procedures of the Faculty and their amendment
  • monitors activities in terms of research and teaching staff development
  • monitors the organisation of scientific research at the Faculty
  • provides opinions on proposals for the employment of academic teachers and proposals for the announcement of competitions
  • opinions on candidatures for managerial positions at the Faculty
  • gives its opinion on the material and financial plan of the Faculty
  • assesses the activities of the Faculty and gives opinions on the annual reports by the Dean

The Scientific Council of the Discipline

The Scientific Council of the Discipline is a collegiate body of the University, established under the new Law on Higher Education and Science, as well as the amended Statute of the University of Warsaw.
According to the new law, research activity in a given discipline is subject to assessment, and not the activities of individual units, as in the previous system.
The Faculty of Economic Sciences reports to the Scientific Council of the discipline "Economics and Finance". 
Its tasks include:

  • awarding doctoral and postdoctoral degrees
  • maintaining a high level of research activity, such as setting criteria for the assessment of the scientific achievements of employees, and the coordination of activities related to the evaluation of a given discipline
  • ensuring that education at the university is based on the latest research findings, which is achieved by participating in the appointment of teaching councils
  • as well as ensuring a transparent recruitment process for academic staff, which is based on high quality requirements

Teaching Council

Teaching councils for the field or fields of study are established in the organisational units at the University of Warsaw - mainly in the faculties where the educational process is organised. At the Faculty of Economic Sciences, there is one Teaching Council, which covers all of the programmes run by the Faculty.