Top publications - 2021

Bartczak A., Budzinski W., Chilton S.M, McDonald R., Nielsen J.T. (2021) Altruism and efficient allocations in three-generation households, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty.

Bartczak A., Budzinski W., Gołębiowska B. (2021) Impact of beliefs about negative effects of wind turbines on preference heterogeneity regarding renewable energy development in Poland, Resources convservation and recycling.

Bartczak A., Budzinski W., Gołębiowska B. (2021) Impact of social comparison on preferences for Demand Side Management in  Poland, Energy policy.

Białek-Jaworska A., Klyapkov L. (2021) Does withholding tax on interest limit international profit-shifting by FDI?, Equilibrium-Quarterly Journal of Economics and Economic Policy

Brzeziński M., Sałach K. (2021) Factors that account for the wealth inequality differences between post-socialist countries, Economic modelling

Brzeziński M., Myck M., Najsztub M. (2021) Sharing the gains of transition: Evaluating changes in income inequality and redistribution in Poland using combined survey and tax return data, European Journal of Political Economy

Brzeziński M. (2021) The impact of past pandemics on economic and gender inequalities, Economics and human  biology

Czajkowski M., Andersen H.B., Gitte Blicher M., Budziński W., Elofsson K., Hagemejer J., Hasler B., Humborg C., James Smart J.C.R., Smedberg E., Thodsen H., Wąs A., Wilamowski M., Żylicz T., Hanley N. (2021) Increasing the cost-effectiveness of nutrient reduction targets using different spatial scales, Science of the total environment

Chlebus M., Andersen H.B., Gitte Blicher M., Budziński W., Elofsson K., Hagemejer J., Hasler B., Humborg C., James Smart J.C.R., Smedberg E., Thodsen H., Wąs A., Wilamowski M., Żylicz T., Hanley N. (2021) Increasing the cost-effectiveness of nutrient reduction targets using different spatial scales, Sensors

Walicka M., Puzianowska-Kuznicka M.,  Chlebus M., Śliwczyński A., Brzozowska M., Rutkowski D., Kania D., Czech M., Jacyna A., Franek E.  
 (2021) Relationship between age and in-hospital mortality during 15,345,025 non-surgical hospitalizations, Archives of Medical Science

Cieślik A., Ryan M. (2021) Brexit and the location of Japanese direct investment in European regions, European urban and regional studies

Cieślik A., Parteka A. (2021). Relative productivity, country size and export diversification, Structural change and economy dynamics

Czajkowski M., Zagórska K., Letki N., Tryjanowski P., Wąs A. (2021). Drivers of farmers’ willingness to adopt extensive farming practices in a globally important bird area, Land use policy

Decker C., Hanley N., Czajkowski M., Morrison T.A., Keyyu J., Munishi L., Lankester F., Cleaveland S. (2021). Predicting uptake of a malignant catarrhal fever vaccine by pastoralists in northern Tanzania: Opportunities for improving livelihoods and ecosystem health, Ecological economics

Drachal K. (2021). Forecasting crude oil real prices with averaging time-varying VAR models, Resources policy.

Drachal K. (2021). Forecasting selected energy commodities prices with Bayesian dynamic finite mixtures, Energy economics.

Kurek P.J.,  Fałkowski J. (2021) Religiosity and political participation - Panel data evidence from post-communist Poland, European Journal of Political Economy.

Fałkowski J., Kurek P.J. (2021). The power of social mobilisation: The impact of monitoring the 2015 presidential elections in Poland, Journal of comparative economics.

Fałkowski J., Chlebicka A. (2021). What product mix do they offer and what marketing channels do they use? – Exploring agricultural producer organisations’ heterogeneity, Journal of rural studies.

Siegel U.A., Gabryelczyk R., (2021). Exploring value streams and CSFs to foster digital transformation in public administration, AMCIS 2021 Proceedings.

Gajda J. (2021). Explicit representation of characteristic function of tempered α-stable Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process, Mathematical methods in the applied sciences.

Witkowska E., Witkowski B., Goczek Ł. (2021). How does education quality affect economic growth?, Sustainability.

Gyódi K., Nawaro Ł. (2021). Determinants of Airbnb prices in European cities: A spatial econometrics approach, Tourism management

Hardy W. (2021). Brace yourselves, pirates are coming! the effects of Game of Thrones leak on TV viewership, Journal of cultural economics

Kalbarczyk M. (2021). Non-Financial Support Provided to Parents in Stepfamilies: Empirical Examination of Europeans 50+, 

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Kolasa A. (2021). Macroeconomic consequences of the demographic and educational changes in Poland after 1990, Macroeconomic dynamics.

Strzelecki P.j., Świerczewska A., Kopczewska K., Fheed A., Tarasium J., Wroński S. (2021). Decoding Rocks: An Assessment of Geomaterial Microstructure Using X-ray Microtomography, Image Analysis and Multivariate Statistics, Materials (Basel).

​​​​​​Kopczewska K., Ćwiakowski P. (2021). Spatio-temporal stability of housing submarkets. Tracking spatial location of clusters of geographically weighted regression estimates of price determinants, Land use policy.

​​​​​​Koryś P., Tymiński M. (2021). Economic growth on the periphery: estimates of GDP per capita of the Congress Kingdom of Poland (for years 1870–1912), European Review of Economic History.

​​​​​​Koryś P., Tymiński M. (2021). The Rise and Decline of Polish Revisionist Marxist Economics: The Fates of Włodzimierz Brus and the Faculty of Political Economy (University of Warsaw), 1953–1968, East European Politics and Societies: the Cultures.

Amirkhanyan H., Krawczyk M., Wilamowski M. (2021). Gender inequality and national gender gaps in overconfidence, PLoS One.

Kukla-Gryz A., Tyrowicz J., Krawczyk M.,(2021). How to elicit distributional preferences: A stress-test of the equality equivalence test, Journal of economic behavior & organization.

Krawczyk M., Le Lec F. (2021). Digital piracy and the perception of price fairness: evidence from a field experiment, Journal of cultural economics.

Liwiński L. Pastore F.  (2021). Are School-Provided Skills Useful at Work? Results of the Wiles Test, Research in Higher Education​​

Bohdanowicz Z., Łopaciuk-Gonczaryk B. Kowalski J., Biele C. (2021). Households’ electrical energy conservation and management: an ecological break-through, or the same od consumption-growth path? Research in Higher Education ​​

Alderotti G., Vignoli D., Baccini M., Matysiak A. (2021). Employment Instability and Fertility in Europe: A Meta-Analysis,  Demography ​​

Matysiak A., Vignoli D., Sobotka T. (2021). The Great Recession and Fertility in Europe: A Sub-national Analysis,  European Journal of Population ​​

Tederko P., Middleton J., Mycielski J., Rapidi C-1., Tarnacka B., Kujawa J. (2021). Relationship Between Level of Economic Development, Age, and Etiology of Spinal Cord Injury: A Cross-Sectional Survey From 22 Countries,  Archives o physical medicine and rehabilitation. ​​

Nehrebecka N. (2021). Climate Risk with Particular Emphasis on the Relationship with Credit-Risk Assessment: What We Learn from Poland,  Energies.

Fihel A., Kalbarczyk M., Nicińska A. (2021). Childlessness, geographical proximity and non-family support in 12 European countries,  Ageing and society. ​​

Paluszak G., Wiśniewska-Paluszak J., Schmidt J., Lira J. (2021). The Organisational Resilience (OR) of Rural Non-Profits (RNPOs) under Conditions of the COVID-19 Pandemic Global Uncertainty,  Agriculture.

Wiśniewska-Paluszak J., Paluszak G. (2021). The Urban and Peri-Urban Farms (UPFs) Relational Model: The Case of Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland, Agriculture.

Kachurka R., Krawczyk M., Rachubik J. (2021). Persuasive Messages Will Not Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance: Evidence from a Nationwide Online Experiment, Vaccines.

​​​​Kachurka R., Krawczyk M., Rachubik J. (2021). State lottery in the lab: an experiment in external validity, Experimental economics.

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​Stark O. (2021). Reexamining the Influence of Conditional Cash Transfers on Migration From a Gendered Lens: Comment, Demography.

Stark O. (2021). Menopause as a regulatory device for matching the demand for children with its supply: A hypothesis, Economics & Human Biology.

Broniatowska P., Strawiński P. (2021). Foreign- and domestic firm ownership and its impact on wages. Evidence from Poland, European journal of industrial relations.

Wysocki M., Ślepaczuk R., (2021), Artificial Neural Networks Performance in WIG20 Index Options Pricing, Entropy

Szkop Z. (2021). The problem of suboptimal composition of urban trees in Warsaw, Urban forestry and urban greening.

Fiok K., Karwowski W., Gutierrez E., Wilamowski M. (2021). Analysis of sentiment in tweets addressed to a single domain-specific Twitter account: Comparison of model performance and explainability of predictions, Expert systems with applications.

Banasik-Jemielniak N., Jemielniak D., Wilamowski M. (2021). Psychology and Wikipedia: measuring psychology journals’ impact by Wikipedia citations, Social science computer review.

Fiok K., Karwowski W., Gutierrez E., Davahli M.R., Wilamowski M., Ahram T., Aljuaid A., Zurada J. (2021). Text Guide: Improving the Quality of Long Text Classification by a Text Selection Method Based on Feature Importance, IEEE Access.

Antosiewicz M., Witajewski-Baltvilks J. (2021). Short- and long-run dynamics of energy demand, Energy Economics.

Wójcik P. (2021). Parallel regional convergence in Poland before and after EU accession, Miscellanea Geographica. Regional Studies on Development.

Czarnowska A., Brola W., Zajkowska O. et al. (2021). Clinical course and outcome of SARS-CoV-2 infection in multiple sclerosis patients treated with disease-modifying therapies — the Polish experience, Polish Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery.

Chorąży M., Wawrusiewicz-Kurylonek N., Adamska-Patruno N., Czarnowska A.,  Zajkowska O. et al. (2021). Variants of Novel Immunomodulatory Fc Receptor Like 5 Gene Are Associated With Multiple Sclerosis Susceptibility in the Polish Population​​​​​​​, Frontiers in neurology.

​​​​​​​Börger T., Abate T.G., Aanesen M., Zawojska E. (2021). Payment and Policy Consequentiality in Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation: Experimental Design Effects on Self-Reported Perceptions​​​​​​​, Land Economics.