Top publications - 2023

Bartczak A., Budziński W., Nicińska A., Starzykowska N., (2023) Health benefits valuation in three-generation households—the role of reciprocity. Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science.

Aanesen M., Czajkowski M., Lindhjem H., Navrud S., (2023) Trade-offs in the transition to a blue economy - Mapping social acceptance of aquaculture expansion in Norway. Science of Total Environment

Barreiro-Hurle J., Dessart F.J., Rommel J., Czajkowski M., Espinosa-Goded M., Rodriguez-Entrena M., Thomas F., Zagórska K., (2023)
Willing or complying? The delicate interplay between voluntary and mandatory interventions to promote farmers' environmental behavior Food Policy.

Białek-Jaworska A., Kopańska A., (2023) Do fiscal rules of local debt affect municipal off-budget activities? Analysis of various types of municipalities. Meditari Accountancy Research

Bohdanowicz Z., Łopaciuk-Gonczaryk B., Gajda P., Rajewski A., (2023) Support for nuclear power and proenvironmental attitudes: The cases of Germany and Poland. Energy Policy.

Costa-Font J., Garcia-Hombrados J., Nicińska A., (2023) The institutional origins of vaccines distrust: Evidence from former-Soviet countries. PLoS ONE.

Cukrowska-Torzewska E., Grabowska M., (2023) The sex preference for children in Europe: Children’s sex and the probability and timing of births. Demographic Research.

Czarnecki A., Milczarek-Andrzejewska D., Widła-Domaradzki Ł., Jórasz-Żak A., (2023) Conflict dynamics over farmland use in the multifunctional countryside, Land Use Policy.

Drachal K., (2023) “dynmix”: An R package for the estimation of dynamic finite mixtures. SoftwareX.

Fidrmuc J., Hulényi M., Zajkowska O.,  (2023) The long and winding road to find the impact of EU funds on regional growth: IV and spatial analyses. Regional Studies.

Gërxhani K., Cichocki S., (2023) Formal and informal institutions: understanding the shadow economy in transition countries. Journal of Institutional Economics

Gutmann J., Metelska-Szaniawska K., Voigt S., (2023), Leader Characteristics and Constitutional Compliance. European Journal of Political Economy

Gutmann J., Metelska-Szaniawska K., Voigt S., (2023), The comparative constitutional compliance database. Review of International Organizations​​​.

Höhler J., Barreiro-Hurlé J., Czajkowski M., Dessart F.J., Ferraro P.J., Li T., Messer K.D., Palm-Forster L., Termansen M, Thomas F., Zagórska K.,  Haile Zemo K., Rommel J., (2023) Perspectives on stakeholder participation in the design of economic experiments for agricultural policymaking: Pros, cons, and twelve recommendations for researchers. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy.

Jabłczyńska M., Kosc K., Ryś P., Sakowski P., Ślepaczuk R., Zakrzewski G., (2023) Energy and cost efficiency of Bitcoin mining endeavor. PLoS ONE

Jakubowski A., Wójcik P., (2023) Towards cohesion at the interface between the European Union states? Cross-border asymmetry and convergence. Regional Studies.

Kolasa M., Wesołowski G., (2023) Quantitative easing in the US and financial cycles in emerging markets, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Kolasa A., Weychert E., (2023) The causal effect of catastrophic health expenditure on poverty in Poland. European Journal of Health Economics.​​​​​

Kopczewska K., (2023) Spatial bootstrapped microeconometrics: Forecasting for out‐of‐sample geo‐locations in big data. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics

Kubara M., Kopczewska K., (2023) Akaike information criterion in choosing the optimal k-nearest neighbours of the spatial weight matrix. Spatial Economic Analysis.

Kudła J., Kopczewska K., Stachowiak-Kudła M., (2023) Trade, investment and size inequalities between countries and the asymmetry in double taxation agreements. Economic Modelling.

Kudła J., Woźniak R., Walczyk K., Dudek M., Kruszewski R., (2023) Determinants of inheritance and gifts taxation in the European Union. International Journal of Management and Economics.

Kulati E., Myck M., Pasini G., (2023) Temporal discounting in later life. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Kurowska, A., Barardehi, I.H., Fuller, S. (...) Matysiak al. (2023) Familydemic Cross Country and Gender Dataset on work and family outcomes during COVID-19 pandemic. Scientific Data.​​​​​​​

Matysiak A., Bellani D., Bogusz H., (2023) Industrial Robots and Regional Fertility in European Countries. European Journal of Population

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Safarzyńska K., Di Domenico L., Raberto M., (2023) The circular economy mitigates the material rebound due to investments in renewable energy. 
Journal of Cleaner Production​​​​​​​

Safarzyńska K., Sylwestrzak, M., (2023). Impact of bridging social capital on the tragedy of the commons: Experimental evidence. Journal of Institutional Economics.

Valasiuk S., Czajkowski M., Giergiczny M., Żylicz T., Veisten K., Landa Mata I., Harkjerr Halse A., Angelstam P., (2023)
Attitudinal drivers of home bias in public preferences for transboundary nature protected areas, Ecological Economics.