Latest publications

LSTM-ARIMA as a Hybrid Approach in Algorithmic Investment Strategies

Working Papers, No 7/2024 (443)
Authors: Kamil Kashif, Robert Ślepaczuk

Why the Happiest Moments in Life are Sometimes Short? The Role of Psychological Traits and Socio-Economic Circumstances

Working Papers, No 6/2024 (442)
Authors: Magdalena Grabowska, Agata Górny, Małgorzata Kalbarczyk

How stable and predictable are welfare estimates using recreation demand models?

Working Papers, No 5/2024 (441)
Authors: Patrick Lloyd-Smith, Ewa Zawojska

Central European Economic Journal

Central European Economic Journal (CEEJ)  publishes original theoretical and empirical papers in the field of economics, as well as those crossing the disciplinary borders of economics, sociology, demography, political science, law, and management.

The journal accepts papers from the following research areas, among others: 

  • macroeconomics and microeconomicsCEEJ_miniature_przezr_aktualna.png
  • market research,
  • international trade,
  • population-based studies,
  • public sector economics,
  • public policy,
  • health, gender, and ecological economics,
  • finance and accounting,
  • management economics.

CEEJ is intended for the international community at large, though papers that focus on socio-economic issues relevant to Central and Eastern Europe, including European countries in transition, are particularly welcome.

CEEJ is a free, peer-reviewed open access journal, with a double-blind review process that guarantees objectivity (in which the authors and reviewers are unknown to one another) on the Sciendo/DeGruyter open access platform and at



The Working Papers series has been published by the Faculty of Economic Sciences UW since 2008.

Articles written by researchers from the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw, as well as publications from conferences organised by the Faculty, are accepted for the Working Papers series. Articles should concern economics, comprise original research, and present previously-unpublished work.