Board of Employers

The Board of Employers of the Faculty of Economic Sciences is an advisory body to the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw in terms of evaluating teaching activities from the perspective of market needs, building relations between the university and business, and adapting teaching programs to the needs and requirements of the contemporary market. 

The Board of Employers of the Faculty of Economic Sciences is composed of representatives of domestic and foreign companies and institutions operating in an area similar to the Faculty’s and/or employing the graduates of the Faculty.

The Board meetings are convened by the Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences. They are held once a year and are attended by members of the Board of Employers, the Dean's Board, representatives of individual units at the Faculty and other invited guests.

The purpose of the Board of Employers meetings is to obtain feedback from external stakeholders on:

  • the competences of the graduates of the Faculty, their strengths and weaknesses, an assessment of the Faculty’s educational outcomes;
  • labour market requirements with regard to employees, the characteristics of a graduate desired by employers, the directions of labour demand development on the national and European labour market; 
  • selected study programmes, syllabuses of selected subjects. 

The Authorities of the Faculty of Economic Sciences wish to provide their future graduates with the best possible foundations for their professional careers. The teaching offer is constantly updated and enriched, e.g. by recommending changes to curricula, as well as the establishment of new courses and specialisations. 

Conclusions from the meetings and recommendations of the Board of Employers are discussed, and may also influence possible changes and modifications to the educational programs or the educational quality assurance system.