kontakt_www.pngContact with Admission office

  phone: +48 22/ 55 49 190
  [\M6FlHt@afryqu{}5|-43~9]#[NB5&8a$X%C}jhW~quBbl*@o$ or [\M6FlHt@afryqu{}5|-43~9]#[9A7z6`.d#U}jhW~quBbl*@o$
  personally: Aula D, (I floor, building C), WNE UW, 44/50 Dluga street, PL-00241 Warsaw
  Monday- Friday 10 am till 3 pm

Communication is also possible through the Online Candidate Registration system (IRK), through which it is possible to ask a question about the field of study that interests the candidate. Asking a question through the system is possible after logging into the Candidate's account through the Help tab or in the description of the admission rules "Ask a question".

We kindly ask to keep maintain the continuity in email correspondences communication.