Please send all inquiries regarding student internships to Dean’s Plenipotentiary for Internships - Dariusz Standerski Ph.D.: pzsrVwt.hny2f`/K=1]lJ57q}]#[UnhTE\Z{\ZcM^OoT0&fR##Dbj

Professional Internships

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In accordance with the Law on Higher Education, undergraduate students of full-time and part-time programmes are required to complete a professional internship during the course of their studies which is not shorter than 3 weeks - 120 hours, for which the student receives 3 ECTS points. 

The rules, location, forms of internships, and the conditions for crediting their completion are regulated at the Faculty of Economic at the University of Warsaw - Resolution No. 22 of the Teaching Council of the Faculty of Economic Sciences UW from 8 December 2020, on the detailed rules for completing and giving credit for internships, as well as monitoring their quality.