Rental of Space

The Office of Admissions and Communication manages the rental of classroom, conference rooms, and advertising media of the Faculty, for a fee or free of charge, for purposes related to the scientific activities of organisations and University associations.

Concerning advertising media, the Faculty has both information boards and display cases. It is also possible to rent exhibition space for running an advertising campaign (e.g., at a stand or on an exhibition wall), setting up a promotional device (e.g., a leaflet dispenser), or hanging an advertising banner.
Enquiries regarding rentals should be directed to:: 

Room reservations related to departmental teaching should be made at the Student's Office.


  1. email your request with regard to the availability of the date and the chosen space to: xZvEFl?mi9o|b^%LMgdc&k]#[iMf/2P$O$1^bkTyU/LZltX

  2. receipt of a form from the Office of Admissions and Communication, confirming the amount payable and date of the rental, along with bank transfer details

  3. returning the completed and signed rental form along with the transfer confirmation

  4.  issuing and sending a VAT invoice