Promotional Materials

The Office of Admissions and Communication provides support for the staff and academic clubs of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Warsaw, for ordering promotional materials.

The range of promotional materials includes the University gadgets which are available in the UW Catalogue of Promotional Materials, as well as those made to order by subcontractors.

There are free materials (from the selection offered by the University of Warsaw or from the Office's own resources) as well as paid materials. Submitting an order for paid gadgets, especially in larger numbers, requires indicating a budget (e.g., from a project or conference budget) or the approval of the Faculty authorities to cover the costs.

Requests for promotional materials from the UW catalogue should be submitted by email to aw0|d\jg'@ApqZQ2UnLiBu]#[RjzjT@UIC4+VzPI?7SBr/b, at least one week in advance..

Special orders for gadgets with the FES UW logo (or the Faculty logo along with an event logo) should be submitted at least two weeks in advance by email to​​​​​​​ aw0|d\jg'@ApqZQ2UnLiBu]#[RjzjT@UIC4+VzPI?7SBr/b