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If you are looking for faculties, courses, studies or stuff, feel free to use DIRECTORY in USOS Web.

Courses at our Faculty start with 2400-... .

The Faculty of Economic Sciences code is: 24000000.




Registration for incoming students for spring term will start on 03.02.2022 and last till 20.02.2022.

In order to take part in it, please enter our Faculty's USOS Web and log in -> WNE USOS Web

Please be aware that since you will join our regular courses, not in all of them will be available spots. The priority is for our regular students as most of the courses are their obligatory courses.
We recommend to register for lectures and elective courses (2400-zeww...). Most of classes, labs and seminars could be full and participation could not be possible. Courses with 2400-SU2TS... and 2400-PP3SL... are thesis seminars and available only for our regular students.


During the round, no manual changes in registration are allowed. This means that any possible changes could be only done by the student in WNE USOS Web and if it is not possible, then the system will not allow for it.
Although within first two weeks of a new semester (21.02.2022-06.03.2022), when the round of registration will be closed, some manual changes like: unregistration, registration or group swaps, could be done by the WNE ERASMUS+ Office administrative (Sylwia Kulczyńska). Regarding last two examples, it is possible only if there will be available spots in groups.
If you will need assistance in such process, please contact by sending an email to erasmus@wne.uw.edu.pl with details:
1. name and student ID number (K-...),

and what action you request:
2. unregistration - course name, code and group number,
3. registration - course name, code and group number,
4. group swap - course name, code and group numbers.

After 6.03.2022 no changes could be possible.