Excellence Initiative - Research University (IDUB)

is a programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which supports universities in raising the quality of their scientific activities and the level of education, thereby increasing the international prestige of the University.
As the first-place winner in the competition of the Ministry, the University of Warsaw obtained the status of a research university, and subsequently indicated 5 Priority Areas for research and planned 70 activities to be implemented in 2020-2026.
The main objective of these activities is:
●    increasing the impact of the research activities of the University of Warsaw on the development of world science, strengthening research cooperation with internationally renowned scientific institutions 
●    improving the quality of education for students and doctoral candidates
●    preparation and implementation of comprehensive solutions for the professional development of university employees, in particular young scientists
●    improving the quality of university management, including efficiency-related organisational changes.

II.2.1Tandems for Excellence: Visiting Researchers Programme

The programme consists of creating small research teams, composed of an invited researcher with outstanding scientific achievements in a given discipline, and researchers from the University of Warsaw (in tandem). It is implemented in the form of medium-length structured cooperation projects (up to 12 months), including visits by foreign researchers to Poland and remote cooperation. The activity is horizontal in nature, and therefore open to all research disciplines at the University of Warsaw. 


Coordinator of the action: prof. dr hab Mikołaj Czajkowski

I.3.9  Human mobility and inequalities as seen through digital datasources

The main objective of the Action is the creation of a research programme at the University of Warsaw which incorporates new types of data in innovative studies of determinants, and measurement of the effects of territorial mobility, social mobility and economic inequality.


Coordinator of the action: dr hab. Michał Brzeziński, prof. UW


Detailed information on the IDUB Programme, Priority Research Areas, the scope of IDUB activities, and the programme schedule may be found at


Contact: Iwona Bogacz