A. The purchase of equipment under a new tender

Equipment may be purchased in two ways:

1.    By way of a faculty-level tender - the need for equipment is reported to the General Dean's Office.

2.    By means of a centralised tender - the demand for equipment is reported to the Department for IT Support at the University of Warsaw.
●    After the tender is settled and the equipment and invoices are delivered to the Faculty, the Head of the General Dean's Office submits the documents to the Administrative Section, which then prepares the relevant documents (a protocol of acceptance, OT).

●    The Administrative Section enters data on new equipment into the database of fixed assets, including information about the person who is materially responsible and who receives the purchased equipment.

●    The costs are recorded in the grant after sending full documentation, including OT, to the Bursary

Note: The entire process may take as long as 3-6 months


B. The purchase of licenses, software, office supplies and other items covered by the tender procedure at the Univesity

●     Purchases of licenses and software, which are subject to the tender procedure at the UW level, are made through DWI UW.

●    Office supplies which are subject to the tender procedure at the UW level (e.g., paper, toners, other selected supplies) are purchased through the Head of the Administrative Section.


C. Other purchases

●        Purchases of other items, in accordance with the project cost estimate (those eligible given the source of financing) and with a value below 50,000 PLN, are made according to the following procedure:

1.    Comparison of market prices from at least three sources (documented by collecting offers)

•    In the case of a purchase with a deposit -- the invoice issued by the University of Warsaw, along with a description, should be submitted to the Financial Section of the WNE for payment, along with the contents of the invoice description (e.g., what is being purchased, the purpose of the purchase - such as 'for research', and the source of financing).

•    If a purchase is made using personal funds, one must:

a.    Apply to the Dean of Financial Affairs for consent to make a purchase using private funds (in the form of an email)

b.    Submit the invoice issued at the University of Warsaw, along with a description on the reverse (what was purchased, the purpose of the purchase, the source of financing, a request for reimbursement of the incurred cost to a private account, and signature) to the Financial Section at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, along with a printout of the consent to purchase with private funds and proof of payment (a receipt, confirmation of the operation from a bank account / credit card).

2.    In justified cases, one may make a purchase using the faculty payment card -- details should be agreed with Agnieszka Cichocka from the Department for Research and Publication.

3.    Purchases exceeding the equivalent of 50,000 PLN are made in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance of the Rector of UW.

D. Conference fees

●       For payment in the form of a transfer made by UW, an application should be submitted to the Financial Section to receive a transfer order for the Bursary of UW and must include the conference registration form provided by the person who is travelling, signed by the administrator of the funds being used, and, if necessary, other documents justifying the date and amount of the transfer.

●    If one pays with personal funds, prior consent from the Dean for Financial Affairs. After submitting all of the documents, the Financial Section prepares a settlement of payment for the Bursary and applies for reimbursement of the incurred costs to the employee's account.

Note: All purchases and payments must be in compliance with the project cost estimate.

The basis for the settlement of a purchase/payment is an invoice presented to the Financial Section, issued to:

University of Warsaw
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
00-927 Warszawa
NIP: 525-001-12-66

Paper and electronic invoices are accepted.

In case of regular purchases (e.g., the implementation of larger projects), it is possible to apply for a credit card.