Agreement concerning the financing of NCN projects

After receiving a decision to finance a project, the Principal Investigator

●    contacts the Section for Research and Publication and reports a need for  a qualified, certified digital signature 

●    generates an Agreement in the OSF system and emails its electronic version in the form of a .PDF file, which is signed with a qualified signature, to the address, in order to obtain the Rector's signature (the agreement is first signed by the Dean and the Bursar's Representative at the Faculty);

The contract, with the signatures of the Principal Investigator and the Rector, is sent in electronic form to the email address of the University's Central Submission Box (SPC) (this process is managed by the UW administration).

When the Agreement is returned, with information on the duration of the project, and signed with a qualified signature by the NCN Director, it is forwarded by the UW administration (BOB) to the PI and the Section for Research and Publication at the Faculty.