Travel (domestic and foreign)

A.    Advance payment towards a foreign trip

•    The person who is travelling may apply for an advance payment no later than 14 days before the departure date. This requires the submission of the following to the Financial Section, or to the Head of the Dean's office (Ms Beata Kąca)

- in the case of a foreign trip, a University application form, and in the case of a domestic trip, a business trip order

 - in the case of air travel, the order to purchase an air ticket (or low cost airline ticket), completed without the reservation number and the final price,

•    The advance payment may be sent by bank transfer to the account indicated in the application, or it may be collected at the main payment window at the University of Warsaw (ul. Karowa 20) no earlier than 7 days before the date of departure.

B.    Airline tickets

Reservations and purchases of airline tickets may only be made at the travel bureau which serves the University of Warsaw, selected through a tender, namely WhyNot Travel Limited Liability Company (contact).

The contract with WhyNot Travel (§ 6 p. 3) provides, among other things:

●    The buyer has the right to compare the prices of air tickets offered by WhyNot Travel with the prices of air tickets offered by other agencies or by carriers in direct sales, including those


●    If there is a difference of over 3% in the price of an air ticket offered by the Seller compared to the price of a ticket offered by another office or by the carrier, the Buyer has the right to buy a ticket at another office or from that carrier. The buyer has the right to change the standard of service when choosing an air connection and to withdraw from using the ticket and / or visa delivery service.

●    Pursuant to the agreement, WhyNot Travel offers air tickets for low-cost carriers without charging an additional fee from the Ordering Party for intermediation in their purchase and issuance.

(One should compare the prices of the same flight in the selected office and in WhyNotTravel, or ensure that WhyNotTravel does not offer it, and obtain the written consent from the Head of BWZ UW; tel. 22 55 24 009).

C.    Train tickets are purchased on one's own terms.

D.    Private vehicle

The use of a private car as a means of transport is only allowed by the written consent of the Dean for Financial Affairs. A request along with appropriate justification and the contract (regarding the use of a vehicle for a business trip) should be attached to the travel documentation and submitted to the Financial Section. Medical examinations are also necessary (for examinations, please contact the General Dean's Office).


A.    Foreign travel

The form used to settle foreign travel expenses is the Costs of foreign travel. The person who is travelling attaches original documents to the invoice, which confirm the individual expenses incurred (this is not applicable to subsistence allowances and expenses determined as lump sums). The invoice includes travel to a destination from Warsaw.

Settlements of foreign trips take place up to 14 days after returning to the University of Warsaw at the Bursary, ul. Karowa 20, in the Foreign Trade Section (room 406), by email, or by contacting the employees of the above-mentioned section by phone: 22 55 23 209, 22 55 23 293, 22 55 23 305.

Information needed in order to settle the trip:

●    time of departure from the country (take-off time of the plane),

●    time of return to the country (time of landing),

●    the number of lunches and dinners provided by the host institution which were included in the conference fee, the number of breakfasts at the hotel,

●    scans of the relevant documents (hotel invoice, train tickets, invoices confirming all other costs related to the trip).

Additional information regarding settlements is provided by the Financial Section.
B. Domestic travel

A completed business trip order (employees) or a travel expense invoice for the trip (doctoral candidates, students, other from outside the University of Warsaw) should be submitted to the Financial Section. The invoice includes travel to a destination from Warsaw. Prepayment (by bank transfer) and hotel costs are settled on the basis of invoices, travel on the basis of original tickets, and the use of a private car on the basis of a completed travel expense invoice and vehicle mileage records.

Note: Trips should be planned in such a way that the duration of the stay is limited to an economically justified minimum, which is sufficient to properly perform the entrusted tasks. A stay which is longer than strictly necessary requires the Dean's consent and obtaining a leave.