NCN project application preparation

Once the decision to apply for a NCN project has been made, the Principal Investigator:

●    establishes contact with the Head of the Section for Research and Publication, who indicates the Section employee who is acting as the supervisor of the application;

●    registers the project application form in the ZSUN-OSF system, at the same time granting the status of auxiliary editor to the supervisor of the application;

●    contacts the supervisor of the application and determines which parts of the form may initially be completed by the section employee;

●    fills in the remaining parts of the application form;

●    may obtain suggestions from an employee of the Section, regarding the proposed budget and other parts of the application, as needed;

●    gives final acceptance of all of the sections of the application.

The supervisor of the application sends the application for the Rector's signature, through BOB. After obtaining the signed documents, the supervisor of the application enters the relevant attachments into the system and informs the Project Manager that the project application is ready to be sent to the NCN.

The Principal Investigator submits an application to the NCN through the ZSUN-OSF system.

If the application is being submitted to an institution other than the NCN (domestic or foreign), the Principal Investigator of the Grant/Order/Expertise reports this fact to the Section for Research and Publication by email to the following address: euoR8gP0b-Wp&!Q3l[}5]#[MhQA-ag'Qm`f{.3rbdn| This will allow for the registration of the application and the monitoring of the application process from a formal point of view, as well as its compliance with the regulations of the University of Warsaw; it will also facilitate the administration of substantive support (as needed).

All applications must be submitted to the Section for Research and Publication at least 7 days before the deadline of a given call. If necessary, the applications are sent through the Section to the Dean or the Rector for signatures.