1.    At the request of the Project Manager (template available in the Research and Publication), the Vice-Rector for Research appoints a scholarship committee consisting of the Project Manager as the chairperson, and at least two designated persons with appropriate qualifications.

2.    The Project Manager prepares the content of the announcement, which should information about the requirements for candidates, the conditions for granting a scholarship, the deadline for submitting applications, and the date of the competition, and sends it to the project supervisor in the Section for Research and Publication.

3.    The project supervisor in the Section for Research and Publication publishes information about the competition announcement on the
NCN, UW, and WNE websites.

4.    The NCN call for proposals is announced no earlier than after receiving information that the NCN has awarded funding for a given research project.

5.    The scholarship committee evaluates applications on a point scale (contained in the Regulations on awarding NCN scholarships for research projects funded by the National Science Center, which is attached to the competition documentation) and prepares a ranking of the candidates for the scholarship.

6.    The committee prepares a report (a template is available from the Section for Research) in which the selected candidate is indicated. The report is signed by the members of the scholarship committee and approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences.

7.    The project supervisor in the Section for Research and Publication publishes the results of the competition on the WNE website.

8.    The NCN scholarship is paid to the scholarship recipient on the basis of a scholarship agreement, which is concluded in writing.