Changes in NCN projects

Changes to the projects are allowed, with the consent of the Head of the Unit or by way of an annex to the contract concluded with the NCN. In case it is necessary to introduce changes, please contact the adminstrative manager in the Section for Research and Publication.

1.    Any changes made to the conditions of the project implementation must be substantively justified, i.e., they must be directly related to the subject of the project and must be necessary in order to achieve the anticipated goals of the project.

2.    The changes must not endanger proper and complete performance of the tasks which have been planned in the project, nor may they be contrary to the principles of economy.
3.    The Project Manager and the Unit are required to inform the NCN about all changes introduced in the annual report concerning the year of the change, and in the final report. The Project Manager is responsible for entering information about changes into the report form.

4.    The Project Manager is obliged to inform an employee of the Section for Research and Publication on an ongoing basis, concerning changes. Requests to make changes by the consent of the Rector or the Director of the NCN require the approval of the Dean / Vice-Dean for Research at the Faculty of Economic Sciences.

5.    Any changes introduced must comply with the provisions of the contract for the implementation and financing of a research project or scientific activity.

In accordance with the position of the Head of the NCN, as expressed in the letter from 6 February 2018, the validity of the changes made will be assessed by the NCN during the final project settlement or during a review. Any possible financial consequences (ineligible costs) are borne jointly by the Project Manager and the Unit which is responsible for implementation.

For projects other than those being financed by the NCN, the procedure for introducing changes is governed by the provisions of the grant agreement and / or documention in the call for proposals. Most frequently, it is necessary to sign an annex to the contract which was concluded with the appropriate implementing / supervising institution, in order to implement changes.