23.04.2024, 10:00

Seminarium “Effects of Globalization and Financial Inclusion on Energy Intensity” już 26 kwietnia na WNE UW

Seminarium będzie poświęcone zagadnieniom związanym z dynamiką pomiędzy globalizacją, finansową inkluzyjnością i energochłonnością oraz ich wpływie na rozwój gospodarczy, zrównoważenie środowiskowe i politykę publiczną. Tuż po nim zapraszamy do udziału w dyskusji.

Spotkanie odbędzie się w sali 409 (WNE UW), w godz. 10.00-12.00. Prowadzone będzie w języku angielskim. Ma charakter otwarty, zapraszamy do udziału.



This seminar aims to delve into the complex relationship between globalization, financial inclusion, and energy intensity, exploring their implications for economic development, environmental sustainability, and public policy.

Energy intensity, the ratio of energy consumption to economic output, is a critical metric that reflects the efficiency of energy use within an economy. In an era characterized by unprecedented globalization and rapid advancements in financial inclusion, understanding the dynamics influencing energy intensity is paramount. Globalization, marked by increased cross-border flows of goods, services, capital, and information, has significant implications for energy consumption patterns. Likewise, financial inclusion, the access to and usage of financial services by individuals and businesses, can shape investment decisions and resource allocation, consequently impacting energy demand and intensity.

The seminar will feature two distinguished guest speakers renowned for their expertise in applied economics, energy economics, and public finance: Professor Dr. Jose María Cantos Cantos and Professor Dr. Daniel Balsalobre-Lorente.

Professor Dr. Jose María Cantos Cantos, a full Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, brings decades of experience in researching various aspects of public economics, including fiscal federalism, international taxation, health economics, and energy and the environment. His extensive academic contributions have been recognized internationally, with research stays at prestigious institutions across the globe, including the University of Warsaw.

Professor Dr. Daniel Balsalobre-Lorente, a distinguished scholar in economics and energy economics, serves as a Full Professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. With expertise in public finance, economic growth, environmental economics, and globalization, Dr. Balsalobre-Lorente's research has been published in numerous high-impact journals and has garnered significant recognition within the academic community.

Throughout the seminar, both speakers will present their latest research findings, shedding light on the multifaceted relationship between globalization, financial inclusion, and energy intensity. Topics of discussion will include the impact of trade liberalization on energy consumption patterns, the role of financial development in shaping energy investments, and the implications of global economic integration for energy efficiency policies. This seminar offers a unique opportunity for academics, policymakers, and industry professionals to engage in insightful discussions and exchange ideas on pressing issues at the intersection of economics, energy, and globalization. Participants can expect to gain valuable insights into the determinants of energy intensity and explore potential policy implications for promoting sustainable economic development in an increasingly interconnected world.