07.11.2023, 14:15

Kolejne spotkanie z cyklu Warsaw Economic Seminars już 9 listopada

Gościem seminarium będzie dr Arkadiusz Szydłowski (University of Kent).

Spotkanie rozpocznie się o godz.17:00 w sali B202. W spotkaniu można uczestniczyć zdalnie:

identyfikator: 933 0228 1672
kod dostępu: 254160


Abstract: I obtain central limit theorems for data coming from a sparse, small world network, i.e. a network with limited maximal degree and a relatively small (but growing) diameter, properties encountered in many social and economic networks. I do not impose restrictions on the strength of dependence between connected nodes and only assume that non-connected nodes are statistically independent. The limit theorems hold conditionally on the network evolution and are obtained by combining the bound on the possible number of connected nodes from algebraic graph theory and limit theorems for m-dependent time series. I consider both means of node- and edge-specific characteristics.