01.02.2023, 14:40

Seminarium LabFam online “Can the Child Penalty Be Reduced? Evaluating Multiple Policy Interventions” [07.02.2023]

Serdecznie zapraszamy do wzięcia udziału w kolejnym seminarium organizowanym przez Centrum Pracy nad Rynkiem i Rodziną (LabFam).

Podczas spotkania Martin Eckhoff Andresen (University of Oslo) przedstawi badanie “Can the Child Penalty Be Reduced? Evaluating Multiple Policy Interventions”

Abstrakt wystąpienia:

Children cause large reductions in earnings for mothers but not fathers, a stylized fact known as the “child penalty” that explains a substantial portion of remaining gender income gaps. Can policy reduce the child penalty? We first document changes in the child penalty over the past 45 years in Norway. Next, we evaluate two possible interventions that may have played roles in more recent reductions in child penalties: paternity leave and high-quality childcare. We find no impact of paternity leave on child penalties or a measure of fathers’ preferences for childcare. In contrast, a year of publicly provided childcare reduces child penalties by 23% during the years of use. These results suggest governments can act to reduce child penalties, but providing alternatives to the mother’s time, such as quality childcare, is more effective than paternity leave.

Spotkanie odbędzie się 7 lutego br. o godz. 13:00 za pośrednictwem platformy Zoom.

Aby wziąć udział w seminarium należy dokonać rejestracji na stronie: https://labfam.uw.edu.pl/seminars/can-the-child-penalty-be-reduced-evaluating-multiple-policy-interventions/