Submitting Thesis


The student submits the thesis on time to the Dean of Studies Office, to the person administratively in charge of the given program and year of study - the Dean's Office creates a repository place in APD/USOS for the thesis on this basis. In exceptional cases, the thesis may be submitted by e-mail during the Dean's Office working hours. The thesis should be printed in 1 copy double-sided, including the first 3 pages single-sided. Binding should be soft binded, with a transparent front cover. The name of the field of study should be correctly written.
Dates for the submission of thesis and their defense are published in the academic calendar. The thesis shall include the supervisor's statement signed by hand (signature scan) or digitally and the Author's statement. The electronic file must be appropriately named, as indicated below:

The electronic work is in editable format (e.g., *.doc, *.odt, *.txt) and/or in *.pdf with searchable and copy text.

Students receive a set of documents confirming higher education free of charge: original, 2x copies in Polish of the diploma and diploma supplement. At the request of the student, one copy can be exchanged for a copy in English. The application should be submitted when submitting the work to the Dean's Office.

For students majoring in English, the student receives: an original, a copy in Polish, a copy in English of the diploma and a diploma supplement.


After creating a repository space in the APD / USOS system, the student uploads the thesis independently. To upload a thesis, go to the USOSweb website from the NEWS tab select the item: APD - Archive of diploma thesis and perform the following steps:

Log in and open the "MY WORKS" tab, then click on the title of your work and enter the following data:

  • the project title in English
  • the abstract
  • keywords

Then confirm the data: "SAVE DATA".

Upload the work in the "pdf" format, and then select the "Submit for approval by supervisor" option.


At the time of submitting the thesis, the student should have settled accounts and credits with the IT Laboratory at FES, the FES Library, BUW (the University of Warsaw Library), SzJO (the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching), and SWFiS (the Physical Education and Sport Centre). The student does not fill out the circulation card; the card is issued in USOSweb by the Dean's Office of Studies.


Immediately after the student has uploaded the thesis, the supervisor submits it to be checked with the anti-plagiarism JSA program available in APD / USOS - the program checks the work for non-compliance with regulations on the use of someone else's intellectual property. If the report does not raise any objections, the supervisor immediately accepts the JSA report, and subsequently accepts the work in APD / USOS.


The Dean's Office of Studies enters the names of the thesis reviewers into APD / USOS immediately after they are indicated by the Head of the Teaching Unit. Acceptance of the work in APD / USOS by the supervisor allows it to be forwarded automatically for review, in its electronic version.


The supervisor and the reviewer upload their reviews of the diploma thesis to APD / USOS 3 days prior to the planned date of the defence, at the latest. The Dean's Office prints the reviews when preparing the files for the thesis defence. There is no way to submit a review other than through ADF/USOS.

A student who has submitted a diploma thesis but has not defended it should inform the Dean's Office of his/her intent to defend the thesis, during the period for submitting diploma thesis (according to the academic calendar).



Due to the requirements of the work filing system, files containing work should be named in strict accordance with the following formula: type of diploma-pesel.ext, where:

  • "Type of diploma" means the diploma code from the USOS dictionary (see table below);
  • "PESEL" is the student's PESEL (Polish national ID) number (or an 'artificial' PESEL in the case of foreigners);
  • "Ext" is the file extension: .pdf - Acrobat format, .docx - MS Word document.

File names must be written in capital letters; they cannot contain spaces or Polish characters (ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ż, ź).
The table with thesis codes is included in Appendix C to the Resolution.