Diploma Seminar

The student may choose a diploma seminar from the list of seminars available. The list of diploma seminars dedicated to fields of study and level of studies is specified by the Head of the Teaching Unit, hereinafter referred to as KJD (at the Faculty of Economic Sciences: the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs).

The KJD informs students of the available selection of seminars. Registration for a seminar is open as long as there are vacancies. A student may change his/her diploma seminar. A change of seminar takes affect starting from the next semester. 

In special situations, KJD may agree to a change of seminar during the semester. Students resuming their studies in order to complete a diploma thesis should select a diploma seminar from those which are available. Cooperation with one's previous supervisor requires that supervisor's consent.

A student leaving for an Erasmus+ scholarship or an equivalent may suspend participation in the seminar. Suspension of the seminar consists in deregistering from the diploma seminar for the period of the scholarship and re-registering upon return. Readiness to return to the seminar should be submitted as a declaration to the Dean's Office of Studies before the registration process for the diploma seminars begins. A student may change his/her diploma seminar upon return. KJD can register a student returning from a scholarship to the seminar attended to date, if the limit of 22 people per supervisor has not been exceeded.

The instructor who is conducting the seminar is also the thesis supervisor. In the case of two (or more) seminar instructors, one or more people perform the function of thesis supervisor. The supervisor's task is to develop a concept for a project with the student and supervises its proper, timely implementation.