Guidelines Regarding Thesis

Bachelor's and master's thesis may be in a traditional form, or in the form of a scientific article. A diploma thesis defended in a field of study conducted in Polish may be written in Polish or English. A diploma thesis defended in a field of study conducted in English is written in English.

The thesis subject area:

  • is determined as part of the arrangements between the supervisor and the student,
  • should be in line with the field of study,
  • may provide interdisciplinary connections to other scientific disciplines.

The title of the diploma thesis:

  • must inform about the subject and scope of the diploma thesis,
  • requires approval by the thesis supervisor.

The diploma thesis may be written by two students. All authors must include declarations in the work concerning their substantive contributions, and the percentage contributed to each chapter of the work. The contribution of each student's work is equal - it amounts to 50% in a thesis written in the traditional form, and no less than 40% in the case of an article (taking into account the supervisor's contribution of max. 20% to a scientific article). The supervisor must demonstrate in the review (in the section for comments) that the co-authorship by two students was justified.

The diploma thesis may include fragments of final papers from other subjects in the course of studies; however, they must be extended under the supervision of the supervisor. The student includes a relevant statement in the thesis on the use of fragments of other final works and the contribution to their creation (a statement like the one made in the case of a thesis written by two students).


Bachelor's thesis

  1. must have a clearly defined research purpose and may contain a research hypothesis,
  2. must use current domestic or foreign scientific literature,
  3. must demonstrate that the student is prepared to conduct scientific research,
  4. must use the research instruments presented during the course of studies or 
  5. which extend beyond the programme, may take the form of an in-depth (descriptive) paper, prepared on the basis of the literature, or be a presentation of individual research; if the work is based on literature on the subject, the author is expected to work independently in terms of the structure and interpretation of the material presented,
  6. a traditional work, it should have a page count of up to approx. 50 standard pages of text (100,000 characters with spaces).

Master's thesis

  1. must contain a research hypothesis and have a clearly defined research objective;
  2. must use current foreign scientific literature in relation to the theory, method and empirical results;
  3. must demonstrate the graduate student's ability to independently conduct scientific research;
  4. must use the research instruments presented during the course of studies or those which reach beyond the programme,
  5. must be a presentation of the student's own research;
  6. should have a page count of up to approx. 80 standard pages of text (160,000 characters 
    with spaces) if it is a traditional work.

Additionally, all works must meet the formal requirements specified in Resolution No. 7 of the Teaching Council of the Faculty of Economic Sciences University of Warsaw regarding detailed rules of the diploma examination process in annex B and D