Assessment of Diploma Thesis

Thesis are assessed by the supervisor and a reviewer (reviewers) on the basis of points from the review form, as specified for bachelor's and master's thesis in Resolution No. 7 of the Teaching Council of the Faculty of Economic Sciences University of Warsaw regarding detailed rules of the diploma examination process in annex A.
The questions in the review form refer to the requirements for diploma thesis. The points on the form have a facilitative function.

Diploma thesis are assessed in accordance with the following rules, but it is allowed to give half-grades:

 Outstanding work (5!) - work significantly exceeding the study programme, making an important contribution to science, suitable for publication in recognised international journals

 Very good work (5) - a project that incorporates the content specified in the curriculum to a significant degree, fully meeting the requirements for the diploma thesis

 Good work (4) - work with that incorporates the content specified in the curriculum to a moderate degree, meeting the requirements for diploma thesis

 Poor work (3) - work that sufficiently uses the content specified in the curriculum, partially meeting the requirements for diploma thesis

 Unacceptable work (2) - work that insufficiently uses the content specified in the curriculum, meeting the requirements of the thesis to a minor extent and containing significant substantive errors which lead to incorrect conclusions.

In the event of a decision not to amend the thesis, the student and / or the supervisor will inform the KJD in writing. In the case of positive assessments where there is a discrepancy between the scores amounting to at least 1.5 grade points, the supervisor may submit a request to the KJD for the appointment of a second reviewer.

Each thesis is checked in the JSA anti-plagiarism program. The supervisor directs the work to an anti-plagiarism check with JSA software available in APD. In a situation in which the plagiarism report shows a high resemblance to other content, the supervisor is obliged to withdraw the work and call on the student to correct it. Thesis in which copyright infringement has been detected cannot be a basis for obtaining the right to take the diploma examination. A student may be eligible to take for the diploma examination after submitting a new diploma thesis in the next teaching cycle.

A reviewer of a thesis written by two students, apart from assessing the value of the work, also evaluates each student's contribution and the added value of the cooperatively written work.

Forms (templates) with the reviews are entered into the Archive of Diploma Thesis (APD). The grade for the thesis is the arithmetic mean of the supervisor's and reviewer's (or both reviewers') grades, subject to § 4  point 5). The reviews of the thesis entered into APD by the supervisor and the reviewer. The person who enters the review into the system approves it at least three days before the date of the diploma examination.

Thesis may be submitted to various competitions, in accordance with the rules of those competitions. In particular, master's thesis may be submitted to the A. Semkow competition, organised by FES UW.