Employment handbook


Work-related matters are fully explained in the Employment Handbook prepared by the Human Resources Office (BSP). It is an online guide that is available in both Polish and English, which presents the regulations of employment, remuneration, and many other relevant topics for employees at different stages of their careers at the University of Warsaw.

The Employment Handbook contains a glossary of terms and 5 sections:

  1. Planning, recruitment process and employment: job descriptions for academic staff members and other non-academic staff positions; functional positions; employment procedures (competitive and non-competitive), vacancy notices.
  2. Useful information in the employment process: working time, leave (including parental leave), periodic appraisal, awards, distinctions, insurance, medical care, IT support, social support, support for people with disabilities, use of library resources and others.
  3. Termination of employment: the procedure for termination for academic staff and non-academic staff, settlement with UW, issuing a certificate of employment, retirement, or disability.
  4. The status of professor, researcher and affiliated lecturer: description of the procedure for granting the status of professor, researcher or affiliated lecturer at the University of Warsaw, and the rights of the holders of those forms of status.
  5. The status of professor (employee) emeritus: conditions for obtaining the status of professor emeritus and entitlements.