Insurance and medical care

In Poland, there is public and private medical care. If you are working in Poland, you are obliged to have health insurance.
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Supplementary insurance

Employees of the University of Warsaw can benefit from additional (paid) group insurance:
Contact: Insurance Affairs Section of the UW Human Resources Office (BSP)

Compulsory insurance when travelling abroad

Prior to departure, a person who is going abroad is obliged to take out insurance for medical expenses and accidents during his/her stay, at his/her own expense.
University staff and students who are travelling abroad, as well as their family members and accompanying persons, may take out insurance on preferential terms for the duration of their trip.
This insurance also covers issues due to coronavirus infection (namely COVID-19), regardless of the stage of the declared pandemic or epidemic.

Contact: Emilia Rzeszotek, email: ]qWeZsgy'8.|v~+zA-oVD6kHRYm}^2]#[C_ARDUpl}x|wfslfXiTDM+cQ4=c+Oy, tel. 22 55 23 345; Robert Gadomski, email: ]qWeZsgy'8.|v~+zA-oVD6kHRYm}^]#[Pa6KMhpadwxjjjp7yl]_6.t*3OvnK, tel. 22 55 23 261