Periodic review

Periodic review - an obligatory evaluation of the work of academic staff, in particular with regard to the proper performance of their duties as defined in Article 111 of the Act - PSW (including an evaluation conducted at least once an academic year by students and doctoral candidates, concerning the performance of their teaching duties), and compliance with copyright and related rights, as well as industrial property rights.
Academic staff shall be subject to periodic review:
every four years;
at any time, but no more frequently than once a year, at the request of the Head of the organisational unit in which they are employed.
The above-mentioned period does not include absence from work due to parental leave, health leave, and a period of military service or substitute service. Academic staff shall be evaluated by a faculty/university evaluation committee. The evaluation criteria and procedure shall be laid down in the Statute of the University of Warsaw.
Faculty evaluation committee
1) dr hab. Jan Fałkowski, prof. ucz. – Faculty of Economic Sciences;
Deputy Chairperson:
2) dr hab. Renata Gabryelczyk, prof. ucz. – Faculty of Economic Sciences;
3) prof. dr hab. Mikołaj Czajkowski – Faculty of Economic Sciences;
4) dr hab. Marek Giergiczny, prof. ucz. – Faculty of Economic Sciences;
5) dr hab. Gabriela Grotkowska, prof. ucz. – Faculty of Economic Sciences;
6) dr hab. Cecylia Leszczyńska – Faculty of Economic Sciences;
7) dr hab. Joanna Mackiewicz-Łyziak – Faculty of Economic Sciences;
8) dr hab. Małgorzata Olszak, prof. ucz. – Faculty of Management;
9) dr Adam Płoszaj – Institute of the Americas and Europe;
10) dr Ewa Zawojska – Faculty of Economic Sciences