Teaching duties

(a) the fulfilment of the yearly teaching load (full-time remuneration) in first-cycle and second-cycle programmes or long-cycle programmes, in individual interdisciplinary programmes, and in doctoral training
(b) carrying out teaching tasks

The teaching load is the yearly, compulsory workload of an academic staff member who is employed as part of the research and teaching or teaching staff; it is determined proportionally to working time (in a full-time position). One teaching hour equals 45 minutes.
The duties of academic staff and the rules for determining their teaching load are regulated by the Work Regulations of the University of Warsaw. These include information on the number of teaching hours according to one's staff group and position, potential reductions in teaching hours, and remuneration for overtime hours, as well as the period for calculating the salary.

Each employee who conducts classes is obligated to fill in and submit the class teaching form for the following academic year. The information will be provided by the Student's Office in advance. Based on the submitted forms the employees will be assigned to the courses and information regarding that will be added in the USOS system. Once the courses are finished, each employee has to enter the students' grades in the USOS system. The obligatory teaching load will be settled based on the teaching hours worked.

The USOSweb system
The USOS system is an essential site for academics and students, to access information about staff, units, buildings, timetables, grades, etc. The USOSweb service uses the University's CAS login. More information on how to access it is available here and in the Virtual UW Account section.