Paid Courses for Students of UW

On the basis of agreements concluded between the University of Warsaw and external institutions and University organisations, paid classes offered to UW students by these institutions under these agreements will be treated by the University of Warsaw as equivalent to university-wide (OGUN) courses.

The institutions from outside the University of Warsaw and other University organizations whose classes are considered equivalent to university-wide subjects are listed below:

  1. Subjects offered by the Academic Sports Association, University of Warsaw University Club (Akademicki Związek Sportowy Klub Uczelniany UW)
  2. The Pro Art-Tech Foundation offers the subject  "Film Academy"
  3. Subjects offered by the National Film Archive (Filmoteka Narodowa)
  4.  The Jewish Theater (Teatr Żydowski) - The Center for Yiddish Culture offers the subject "Jewish Open University"