The Consequences of Cheating and Plagiarism

Since 2004, the Faculty of Economic Sciences at UW has had a "Zero tolerance for cheating" policy, which covers all forms of course completion credits and examinations, as well as students' authored works, including diploma theses/dissertations. One of the basic principles in the implemented document is ensuring the ethical completion of all classes and the preparation of final and diploma theses while respecting copyright law.

The rules adopted refer to the main documents of the University and the Faculty, according to which the quality of science and teaching form the basis for the didactic processes at the Faculty of Economic Sciences.

Pursuant to the Rules and Regulations of Study at the University of Warsaw and in relation to the FES "Zero tolerance for cheating" policy, a student who is found guilty of cheating in an examination / while completing course credit or of committing plagiarism in a written, final, or diploma thesis, is required to repeat the subject of the INTRODUCTION TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION - review group.

Moreover, each case related to the violation of the rules of ethical conduct during examinations or copyright infringement in written works is referred to the Disciplinary Committee for Students and Doctoral Candidates of the University of Warsaw.

  Framework of the "Zero tolerance for cheating" programme