Medical leave

Dear Students,

if during your studies at the University of Warsaw – due to some health conditions – you are not able to follow the standard schedule or encounter other problems please don’t hesitate to ask for help at the Office for Persons with Disabilities.

Remember that according to the Rules of Study the student shall file the request for a sick leave without undue delay after the circumstances providing a basis thereof occur. After the end of the study cycle, the student cannot be granted a sick leave for this study cycle, unless he/she proves that circumstances providing a basis for the request hindered filing the request earlier.

How to apply for a medical leave:

  1. File an application to the Head of the Teaching Unit via USOS using the following form: Office for Persons with Disabilities - Application for the provision of health leave (with PDF attachments)
  2.   Fill in and send the form on the OPD website: -> Documents and Applications -> Register to the OPD to get aid. Remember to prepare the medical documentation proving your condition.
  3.  The decision to grant a sick leave will be taken by the Head of the Teaching Unit based on the opinion of the OPD issued on a basis of your medical documentation.

For more information please see the following link: