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Target group

This course is aimed at adults who are on the verge of making a career change or are just starting out and are planning to work in the education sector. Using the knowledge acquired in the course, participants will strengthen their position in the labour market by acquiring the ability to combine language skills with professional competencies, in order to work as trainers, instructors, or vocational teachers in the future.


Using the CLIL-VET method to teach critical and creative thinking, communication, and teamwork. The course will present the main assumptions of integrated teaching (CLIL), methods, strategies, and techniques of collaborating with learners, as well as examples of lesson plans.

The course begins with a brief assessment of the participants' language levels, and compensatory classes to review, clarify, or introduce the most important structures in the English language, and practice introductions, self-presentation, and conducting interviews in a recruitment process.

The second part of the course is aimed at presenting the principles of combining the teaching of a subject/conducting training with the introduction of elements of a foreign language, in this case English, in accordance with the CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning method. 

Combining the teaching of a subject with simultaneous language training is useful at every level of teaching, from kindergarten to higher education, and reaps benefits in the form of faster foreign language learning by creating a natural context for language contact, and by expanding students' cognitive skills for coping in an international and multicultural environment. As a method recommended by the European Council, it is intended to facilitate students' ability to accept future professional challenges, both at home and abroad.

course format

Hybrid work, using training materials posted on a training platform and online meetings.


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