Finance, International Investment and Accounting, BA studies


Finance, International Investment, and Accounting is a 3-year degree programme in English, designed to equip students with professional knowledge of the economic processes and instruments in international financial markets. 

You will gain the most essential skills, such as preparing financial statements in accordance with accounting standards or assessing the market value of companies, as well as qualifications that will enable you to manage modern financial engineering instruments and exchange rate risk or optimise sources of financing for international corporations.

In 2020, this study programme received "Open to the World - Excellence in International Cooperation" accreditation by the Polish Accreditation Commission (PKA).

Students learn how to manage modern financial engineering instruments for international corporations. They acquire knowledge about currency risk management techniques, as well as optimisation, corporate finance, and international relations -- especially those associated with investment in foreign assets.

The programme equips students with the skills to prepare market value analyses of companies and financial statements, in line with accounting standards.

Graduates will possess highly-marketable qualifications in using modern analytical methods and tools, backed up with broad social knowledge. In addition, they will learn about financial markets, international financial management, monetary policy, banking, insurance, and accounting.