Acredited programmes

The Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw received ACCA accreditation for the majors in Finance and Accounting, Finance, Investments and Accounting, including 1st and 2nd cycle studies (bachelor's and master's level) and for the Business Economics specialisation, in 1st and 2nd cycle studies (bachelor's and master's).

Which subjects should be chosen to be exempted from the ACCA examinations?
ACCA accreditation at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw ensures a high level of education, in accordance with international ACCA standards, and guarantees proper emphasis on developing practical competencies through the analysis of "case studies" in class. It also means that students completing accredited subjects as part of their classes at the university receive exemptions from ACCA examinations.

Finance, Investments and Accounting, and Finance and Accounting
Accreditation covers programme graduates who will obtain a diploma during the period from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2024.