What is ACCA?

ACCA is one of the most prestigious professional qualifications in the field of finance, accounting, and management, as is valued by employers all over the world.

How can I get ACCA qualification?

When there were no ACCA-accredited programmes at universities, the standard path to ACCA membership was as follows:

  1. Registration with the ACCA organisation and payment of a one-time registration fee
  2. Passing the required ACCA exams, along with paying the exam fees for each attempt, and payment of annual fees from the moment of registration with ACCA. It was possible to receive up to four exemptions from examinations on the basis of completed studies.
  3. After passing all of the exams and meeting the other requirements, i.e., passing the ethics module, and documenting a minimum of 3 years of professional experience, an ACCA student obtained the ACCA Qualification and thus became a member of the organisation.

After the introduction of ACCA Accredited Programmes at universities, a new accelerated track to ACCA membership was created, allowing for as many as 9 exemptions from ACCA exams, on the basis of accredited academic subjects.
Additionally, students who pursue ACCA accreditation can now apply for an ACCA ACCELERATE SCHOLARSHIP, in the form of an attractive discount on exemptions from exams and the annual fee. In this case, the path to ACCA is as follows:

  1. studies in an ACCA Accredited Programme: implementation of accredited subjects and examinations entitling to exemptions from the ACCA exams
  2. registration with ACCA, in accordance with the Accelerate rules during studies, and payment of the registration fees
  3. opportunities to receive attractive discounts on up to 7 exemptions from ACCA exams
  4. exemption from the first ACCA annual fee
  5. the opportunity to take further ACCA exams from the moment of registering with the organisation
  6. the opportunity to obtain the ACCA "Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business" after passing two selected Applied Skills exams and completing the "Ethics and Professional Skills Module"
  7. send a scanned copy of the diploma and diploma supplement to ACCA within 12 months of graduation (originals in English or in Polish with their sworn translations into English)

Studies in the ACCA Accredited Programme do not involve any additional fees, and there is no obligation to register with ACCA. You may pass the ACCA standard exams and you will receive
an exemption from the ACCA exam. If you decide at a later time that you would like to become an ACCA student, and ultimately an ACCA member, you will need to register with ACCA, during which you will attach your diploma with its diploma supplement (in English). In this case, you will pay the standard waiver fee.

Do I have to obtain exemptions from exams on a "one-by-one" basis (e.g., first an exemption from PM, then TX)?

No, during the study programme we decide which exemptions we want, and in what order we want to do them.

Does registration with ACCA under the ACCA Accelerate Scholarship oblige me to complete accredited subjects?

No, registration only provides discounts on exemptions.

Are the subjects which exempt students from ACCA exams also available in the part-time study programme?

No, only full-time studies are accredited.

What is the Accelerate Scholarship?

If you decide to register and take the next ACCA exams during your studies, you may apply for the ACCA ACCELERATE SCHOLARSHIP in the form of an attractive discount on exemptions from ACCA exams and the annual fee. The Accelerate Scholarship allows ACCA-accredited students to obtain the ACCA qualification faster, because the other ACCA exams required to obtain membership in the organisation can be taken during your studies!

Who can apply for the Accelerate Scholarship?

The ACCA ACCELERATE SCHOLARSHIP is only available to those who are studying ACCA-accredited fields, in the degree courses indicated by ACCA.

How do I apply for the Accelerate Scholarship?

To be able to take advantage of the ACCA ACCELERATE SCHOLARSHIP, it is necessary to collect the Accelerate Letter from the University by the specified date, which containing a unique Accelerate code, and then register with the organisation in accordance with the instructions received, within the timeframe applicable to a given Accredited Programme.

How do I register with ACCA in order to apply for the Accelerate Scholarship?

To apply for the ACCA ACCELERATE SCHOLARSHIP, you must first register with the ACCA organisation. For this purpose, please complete the online registration form within the time limit set by ACCA and in accordance with the instructions at the link: ​​​https://www.accaglobal.com/acca-registration-intro.html

Registration can be carried out:

  • independently, based on the registration guide received from ACCA
  • during a meeting with ACCA representatives
  • as part of the online registration webex run by ACCA representatives

What documents are required when registering with ACCA in order to apply for the Accelerate Scholarship?

The following documents are required for registration in an electronic form (pdf / jpg):

  • an Accelerate letter from the University with an Accelerate code
  • an identity document: national identity card (both sides) or passport

What are the online registration meetings about?

During the online registration meetings, an ACCA representative guides the students step by step through registering with ACCA, as part of the ACCA ACCELERATE SCHOLARSHIP. This is also an opportunity to ask questions about registration and the Accelerate Scholarship. ACCA announces the dates of registration meetings in advance.

I am planning to register independently with ACCA as part of the Accelerate Scholarship. What should I pay attention to in particular when registering?

Use the online registration guide for ACCA as part of the Accelerate Scholarship.
Please note in particular:

  • "Please confirm the course you are applying for": here, select 'ACCA Qualification', 
  • "Select qualification": select 'ACCA Qualification - Select qualification', 
  • "Upload identification": attach a scan of your national ID card (both sides) or passport
  • "Upload entry requirements": attach a scan of the Accelerate Letter that you received from the University
  • In the "Registration code" field, enter the Accelerate Code, which is in the Accelerate Letter

The registration process takes about 10 minutes. Please remember that the file size of each attachment may not exceed 5 MB.

What are the benefits of using the Accelerate Scholarship?

If you decide to register and take the next ACCA exams during your studies, you may apply for the ACCA ACCELERATE SCHOLARSHIP, because of which you can have the following benefits:

  • an attractive discount on some of the exemptions from ACCA exams and exemption from the initial annual fee - that is a savings of as much as several hundred GBP (with exemptions from Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills), compared to registration with ACCA in the standard mode! 
  • the chance to combine receiving a diploma from a renowned university with the status of an ACCA student, that is, a person who has acquired an international business qualification for top financiers - is a great way to enhance your CV and effectively distinguish yourself in the labour market and among other graduates! 
  • joining the international group of ACCA students and participation in special events  - you will enrich your competencies and start developing your professional network! 
  • increasing the chances of getting an attractive job and higher earnings - the median monthly gross remuneration of ACCA students and members in Poland: 19,500 PLN, source: Goldman Recruitment Salary Survey, 2018!

What fees are associated with registering with ACCA as part of the Accelerate Scholarship?

When registering with ACCA, you incur a one-time registration fee of £89, and pay for the annual ACCA student contribution (amounting to £122 in 2023). Accelerate students are exempted from the first annual fee. The preferential fee under the Accelerate Scholarship for exemptions from up to 7 exams is £30 per exemption (with standard fees ranging from £86 to £114 for each exemption).

Do I have to apply for an Accelerate Scholarship to be able to redeem accredited subjects and exemptions from individual exams?

No, by getting the Accelerate Scholarship you get discounts on some of the exemptions obtained. There are no obstacles to getting exemptions and registering with ACCA after graduation because they are valid indefinitely and are awarded on the basis of a diploma and diploma supplement.

How and when can I pay the registration fee of £89?

The registration fee of £89 must be paid when registering online with ACCA. Payments may be made online, using a credit card, a debit card, or via PayPal.

I am in the process of studying, so what exemptions will be granted to me if I register with ACCA as part of the Accelerate Scholarship?

By registering with ACCA within a specified period and obtaining the Accelerate Scholarship, you get all of the exemptions available in a given accredited programme, i.e., at a given university and in a given mode of study. They are the so-called conditional exemptions, which should be confirmed within 12 months of graduation, by submitting a scanned copy of the diploma and the diploma supplement to ACCA.

What will happen if I cannot complete all of the ACCA-accredited subjects during my studies?

After graduation, you will be asked to submit scans to ACCA of your diploma and diploma supplement. On this basis, exemptions will be confirmed, which you have obtained the rights to, and the exemptions from ACCA exams which you did not take during your studies will be withdrawn. "Missing" ACCA exams from Applied Skills level can be passed, for a standard examination fee, during the exam session organised by ACCA.

If I don't receive the Accelerate Scholarship, does it mean I don't qualify foe the exemptions from ACCA exams?

For graduates of accredited programs, the opportunity to take advantage of exemptions from ACCA exams will be available for life, i.e., during your studies, right after graduation,
and at any time in the future; however, the standard use of exemptions from ACCA exams involves paying the standard fee, whereas during an Accelerate Scholarship the waiver fee is £30.