Seminars and conferences

konferencje.pngThe Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw organises many prestigious, cyclical conferences and seminars. Some of them take place in partnership with national and international associations and institutions, e.g., the National Bank of Poland (NBP) of the Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis.

We cordially invite researchers to take part in the events organised by the Faculty, which concern broadly understood economic sciences, from classical to modern aspects of economics and finance.



Schedule of conferences and seminars

Data/Date Wydarzenie/Event URL
2023-04-03 Seminarium QFRG i DSLab - “The Systemic Risk Approach Based on Implied and Realized Volatility“ Link
2023-03-23 Warsaw Economic Seminars – “Asset Supply and Liquidity Transformation in HANK” Link
2023-03-14 Seminarium LabFam „Economic independence and the r… Seminarium LabFam „Economic independence and the risk of divorce. Evidence from Sweden, 1947-2015” Link
2023-03-09 Warsaw Economic Seminars – “Foreign Direct Investment over the International Business Cycle” Link
2023-03-06 32. seminarium QFRG I DSLab - “On Randomization of Affine Diffusion Processes with Application to Pricing of Options on VIX and S&P 500” Link
2023-02-28 Seminarium LabFam „Who Wants a ‘Smart Wife’? Gender and Educational Differences in Willingness to Use Technology for Domestic Work Across Europe” Link
2023-02-27 31. seminarium QFRG I DSLab - “Deep learning–based automated measurements of the scrotal circumference of Norwegian Red bulls from 3D images” Link
2023-02-07 Seminarium LabFam “Can the Child Penalty Be Reduced? Evaluating Multiple Policy Interventions” Link
2023-02-06 30. seminarium QFRG I DSLab - “The Properties of Alpha Risk Parity Portfolios“ Link
2023-01-23 29. seminarium QFRG I DSLab z udziałem badaczy z Uniwersytetu Humboldtów w Berlinie oraz Blockchain Research Center Link