Seminars and conferences

konferencje.pngThe Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw organises many prestigious, cyclical conferences and seminars. Some of them take place in partnership with national and international associations and institutions, e.g., the National Bank of Poland (NBP) of the Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis.

We cordially invite researchers to take part in the events organised by the Faculty, which concern broadly understood economic sciences, from classical to modern aspects of economics and finance.



Schedule of conferences and seminars

Data/Date Wydarzenie/Event URL
2021-06-24 XVI Konferencja Warsaw International Economic Meeting Link
2021-12-09 Warsaw Economic Seminars "Spatio-temporal stability of housing submarkets. Tracking spatial location of clusters of geographically weighted regression estimates of price determinants" Link
2021-10-21 Warsaw Economic Seminars "Monetary Policy and COVID-19" Link
2022-01-20 Warsaw Economic Seminars - "A risk-risk trade-off assessment of climate-induced mortality risk changes" Link
2021-11-18 Warsaw Economic Seminars "Negative Economic Shocks and the compliance to Social Norms" Link
2021-11-25 Warsaw Economic Seminars "To much reforming at once? The effects of abolishing middle schools on access to upper secondary education - evidence from Warsaw" Link
2021-11-04 Warsaw Economic Seminars "Estimating the size of informal economy in a post-transition country - the case of Poland" Link
2022-09-20 Warsaw Money-Macro-Finance Conference Link
2023-09-21 5th Warsaw Money-Macro-Finance Conference Link
2022-09-15 Family Life and the Changing World of Work Link