Economics and Finance

The 4-year, full-time doctoral programme in the discipline of "Economics and Finance" is conducted as part of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw since 2019/2020 academic year.

Secretary’s Office

Matters carried out at the Faculty:

  • classes held at the Faculty for doctoral schools,
  • support for the scientific work and activities of doctoral students,
  • didactic internships (DSSS internship card to download),
  • Faculty's doctoral seminars,
  • the integration of doctoral students from various programmes.


The curriculum consists of 8 semesters, with classes that are common to all doctoral schools, classes which are common within the doctoral school, and classes from the field of study. The programme can be completed in Polish or English.

The study path is highly individualised and tailored to the interests and scientific work of the young researcher; it is carried out under the guidance of chosen supervisor. The curriculum may be conducted in Polish or in English. There is a mandatory, common curriculum in the Doctoral School of Social Sciences, which is augmented by courses in advanced macroeconomics, advanced microeconomics, and advanced econometrics, broken down into several methodological programmes. The rest of the programme consists of specialised subjects, which are selected by doctoral students in consultation with their supervisors.

Due to the structure of the doctoral studies, in addition to solid theoretical and econometric knowledge, students have the opportunity to deepen their specialised knowledge during additional courses, which are taught by outstanding experts in particular fields. The doctoral dissertation is prepared independently (under the guidance of a supervisor) and identifies an important economic issue.

The doctoral studies prepare graduates to work as researchers employed in Polish and foreign academic centres, and to participate in economic and public activities in managerial and advisory positions. Graduates are qualified to conduct independent scientific research, take part in research projects, prepare scientific publications, and to undertake and resolve specific practical tasks. An important part of the doctoral students's profile is the ability to conduct classes in all of the introductory-level, economy-related specialisations, and also in the advanced courses within one's area of specialisation.

In the process, doctoral students obtain the theoretical and methodological foundations and modern data analysis tools they need, in order to conduct original research under the supervision of leading scientists in economics and other disciplines at the Doctoral School of Social Sciences.

The programme is carried out primarily at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw, which has the highest scientific category of A+ and has been classified as the best in the country for many years, according to the IDEAS/REPEC ranking.