Core subjects

przedmioty kluczowe (1).pngCore subjects are those included in the curriculum which contain learning outcomes which are required when obtaining a diploma in a given field of study or specialisation.

A list of core subjects and associated learning outcomes which are applicable in a given academic year are determined by the Teaching Council and announced by March 1st of the year preceding the academic year 
in which they will be applicable.

Core subjects must be completed, regardless of whether the student is enrolled in  the full study programme at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, or is attending another domestic  university for part of his/her classes (e.g., in the MOST programme) or a foreign university  (e.g., as part of the ERASMUS + programme, or trips on the basis of bilateral agreements with 
partner universities).

These subjects may be completed for credit at the Faculty or at another university, following the approval of 
the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs and the Head of the study programme, on the basis of syllabi presented.