Seminars and conferences

konferencje.pngThe Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw organises many prestigious, cyclical conferences and seminars. Some of them take place in partnership with national and international associations and institutions, e.g., the National Bank of Poland (NBP) of the Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis.

We cordially invite researchers to take part in the events organised by the Faculty, which concern broadly understood economic sciences, from classical to modern aspects of economics and finance.



Schedule of conferences and seminars

Data/Date Wydarzenie/Event URL
2022-06-28 17th Warsaw International Economic Meeting Link
2022-06-23 XVI World Conference of Spatial Econometrics Association SEA 2022 Link
2022-05-09 20. seminarium QFRG i DSLab (Quantitative Finance Research Group oraz Data Science Lab) Link
2022-04-11 19. seminarium QFRG – DSLab (Quantitative Finance Research Group oraz Data Science Lab) Link
2022-03-31 Warsaw Economic Seminars - "“Measuring Firms’ Dynamic Inefficiency Accounting for Corporate Social Responsibility in the US Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry”" Link
2022-03-29 LabFam Seminar series - "Single parents competing in a dual-earner society: Levelling the playing field" Link
2022-03-21 Seminarium online QFRG i DSLab - “LSTM in Algorithmic Investment Strategies on BTC and S&P500 Index". Link
2022-03-17 Warsaw Economic Seminars - “Intragovernmental grant distribution and party alignment bias under democratic and authoritarian governments. The case of Poland” Link
2022-03-15 LabFam Seminar series - "The long-lasting scar of bad jobs in the Spanish labour market" Link
2022-03-08 LabFam Seminar Series - "Uncertainty, ambivalence and indifference: Psychological origins of hesitation and doubts in reproductive decision-making" Link