09.09.2022, 12:40

Faculty's team on the podium in Rotman European Trading Competition 2022

We are delighted with the success of the students of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw in the Rotman European Trading Competition 2022.

This is a European, prestigious competition for students interested in financial markets and investing.

In this year's competition our Faculty was represented by 2 teams, prepared to participate in the competition by prof. Robert Ślepaczuk – Head of the Department of Quantitative Finance of our Faculty.

Team composed of: Daria Orlińska, Karolina Sulej, Jakub Kasprzak and Mateusz Kijewski came first.

Team B: Julia Widłak, Agata Wytrykowska, Illia Baranochnikov and Bartosz Bieganowski came in a high second place.

This will allow us to keep our first place in the general classification of the RETC for 2012-2022: https://retc.luiss.it/results/  

In each of the three competitions throughout the tournament, representatives from WNE UW ultimately took first place.

We are proud of the success you have achieved. We appreciate your commitment, the time and effort you put into preparing for the competition. Without doubt, you are an inspiration to take on similar challenges and make your dreams - academic and professional - come true.

We keep our fingers crossed for further achievements!