About the Faculty of Economic Sciences

The Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw was established in 1953. Originally named Faculty of Political Economy, the Faculty underwent a name change in 1977, and ever since it has kept the name of Faculty of Economic Sciences.  Currently, the Faculty has 12 Departments. The Faculty hosts five research centers: the Center for Economic Analyses of Public Sector; the Centre of Labour Market Research; the Quantitative Finance Research Group; the Warsaw Ecological Economics Centre; and the Experimental Economics Lab. The Faculty has a hundred members, including seven Presidential Professors, and seven University of Warsaw Professors.


The Faculty runs more than sixty national and international research projects, funded by, among others, the European Union, the National Centre for Research and Development, the National Science Centre, and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The projects range from behavioral economics to macroeconomic modeling. Faculty members consistently produce quality research output, much of it published in prestigious international journals and leading Polish journals. The Faculty is ranked first among Polish economics institutes (RePEc/IDEAS ranking), and ranks among the top 25% of economics institutes in Europe. Faculty members serve on the editorial committees of two series of economics monographs: the English-language Polish Studies in Economics published by Peter Lang, and the Polish-language Economic Research (Badania Ekonomiczne) published in cooperation with the University of Warsaw Press. The Faculty publishes a well-read journal:  the Central European Economic Journal (formerly Ekonomia). For the past eleven years, the Faculty has regularly organized and co-organized influential annual conferences: the Warsaw International Economic Meeting, Mechanisms of Euro Area Functioning, and Polish Law and Economics.

A recent evaluation of scientific institutes in Poland by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education has once again attested to the Faculty’s excellence: it is one of only two among 88 research institutes in the field of economics in Poland that was awarded the top evaluation of A+.

The Faculty offers a large number of courses at the three levels of academic study, and four specialized degree programs in English − at B.A. level: Finance, International Investment and Accounting; and at M.A. level: Quantitative Finance, International Economics and Data Science and Business Analytics. In cooperation with other faculties at the University of Warsaw (Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics, Philosophy and Sociology, Law and Administration, and Management), the Faculty also offers interdisciplinary studies. Its program in Quantitative Finance is ranked among the top 20 in the world. Currently, the Faculty has on its roll 1,200 undergraduate students, 700 graduate students, and 50 PhD students. Courses can be taken in English. In addition, the Faculty runs a program in postgraduate studies in which 150 external students are enrolled. Students at the Faculty have won numerous awards in prestigious competitions, and have received grants for outstanding young researches. As can be seen from the success record of many graduates of the Faculty, studies at the Faculty prepare students very well for professional careers, both within and outside academia.


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