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Sylwia Kulczyńska

Senior Administrative Specialist
The Students’ Office
Un?~pckxofNdSu-2_*#|`Da9m]#[IZ1kT^egcR+{Kdm?U|4bE6j*Z, Un?~pckxofNdSu-2_*#|`]#[7awr^Y_5gU0mIm6rDz4mM, Un?~pckxofNdSu-2_*#|`Da]#[Iw%t]Gfr^Z6F`2}*hjjri1N
22 55 49 191

Office hours: MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY: 12:00 - 16:30

The meeting is possible only after prior appointment made in Doodle Calendar:ńska/wne-erasmus-office-hours 

During the meeting please wear a face cover and have your own pen.

room: G

- international exchange & Erasmus+,
- thesis exams schedules,
- education verification,
- RP-7 confirmations.

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