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Samidh Pal

Ph.D. Student
Chair of Microeconomics
+48 729 208 837

Presently I am working with proposed area (Measuring Intra-industry Disparity with Excess Capacity). For this topic I am continuing my study and search to pool out all the stops to the act of drawing detailed information from different books, journals and web sites. 

Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Research Papers (2)

Allocation of Sustainable Practices for Development in Developing Countries
Business Forschung (India)  | 2014 | ISSN: 2347 – 6044 | Author: SAMIDH PAL
The Variation of Customer Satisfaction in the Sphere of Maruti Suzuki Car Marketing
International Journal of Economics and Management | 2013 | ISSN: 2231-4245 | Author: SAMIDH PAL

Book Chapter (1)

Vat and reservation in underdeveloped states 
Value Added Tax in North-East India: Issues and Strategies | 2009 | ISBN: 81-8324-297-9 | Co-Author: SAMIDH PAL

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