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Majid Mazloum-Bilandi

Ph.D. Student
Chair of Banking, Finance, and Accounting
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Wednesdays 8:45 to 9:45; by e-mail appointment, room 306.

Course Material

Drake, Fabozzi, “The Basics of Finance: An Introduction to Finance Markets, Business Finance and Portfolio Management”.

Blake, Davis, “Financial Market Analysis”.


Important dates:

Wednesday, December 14 Mid-term, mostly from assignments and book.

Wednesday, January 18 Final Exam.

Course grades will be based on a midterm (50%) and a final exam (50%) plus extra points taken from student's participation in class discussions.


Topics to be covered:

Time Value of Money; PV and FV

Multiple payments: PV/FV Annuities         

Decision Making Criteria

Biases with IRR and Cash Flow

Fixed Income Securities

Valuing Common Stock

Financial Ratios




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