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University of Warsaw is one of the best universities not only in Poland, but also in the entire group of countries that joined the European Union in 2004. Position of UW on the international market is supported by ongoing cooperation with prestigious research - and teaching-oriented institutions in the world. At UW, economic studies are conducted at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. Our Faculty is a small elite unit that educates an overall of 2000 students and has a very rich and diverse educational offer. We draw upon University's significant intellectual potential. Part of the subjects, prepared especially for WNE students, is taught by employees of other Faculties, primarily Mathematics, Information Systems and Mechanics, Philosophy and Sociology, Law and Administration and Management. Furthermore, our students can draw upon a diverse array of University's courses. They can also participate in classes taught in foreign languages - as long as they register for them. In our educational offer already over half of courses are conducted (for those who are interested) in English. WNE assures 360 hours of language classes over three years of studies; that is 4 hours a week. Since English has become the professional jargon of the present-day economists, it is only after passing upper level English exam (C1 level) or only after showing an appropriate language certificate that one can begin studying other languages and a degree programme taught in a foreign-language. Detailed information could be found on the following internet site: www.szjo.uw.edu.plirk.uw.edu.pl.

Faculty of Economic Sciences' degree programmes combine solid foundation of academic education with high quality of specialised knowledge, without which one cannot smoothly function in modern economic environment. Our graduates are respected and sought out by employers and easily find employment in various institutions. University of Warsaw is one of the most prestigious universities in this part of Europe.


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Cutting-edge education

All specialisations at the Faculty of Economic Sciences have obtained accreditation that is a certificate of quality education bestowed by University Accreditation Committee. Our degree programmes in economics received a positive mark with distinction from the State Accreditation Committee.

Modern economics is not only an empirical science but also an experimental one. Our course curriculum covers subjects falling within the domain of modern economics with compliance to high European standards. UW students are at the forefront of Poland's intellectual developments because their academics create the primary part of intellectual content. Thus, they can become familiar with such ideas first-hand. Our students have access to newest textbooks and publications, not only domestic but also foreign. WNE economic library has an interesting economic collection and belongs to WU's Internet library network.

Faculty Council Resolution of 22nd May 2002

Faculty of Economic Sciences, as an independent unit of the University of Warsaw, affirms its commitment to basic goals and values specified in the Mission Statement of the University of Warsaw. In regard to the way in which the mission of our Alma Materrefers to the discipline represented by the Faculty of Economic Sciences, we define the following goals and values as our priorities of special importance:

  1. Unity of research and teaching is the foundation of the activities at the Faculty of Economic Sciences.
  2. Faculty of Economic Sciences declares openness towards diverse schools and methodologies in economic sciences and expects academics and students to respect ways of understanding the economy and approaches to solving economic problems which differ methodologically, yet exhibit scientific integrity.
  3. Faculty of Economic Sciences, as a public institution, promotes research into essential problems of the Polish economy, disseminates its outcomes, and participates in the public debate in conformity with high norms of competence and objectivity.
  4. Faculty of Economic Sciences aspires to be a leading institution of higher education in economics in Poland. The small scale of the Faculty, as compared to economic universities, stimulates us to prefer advanced study cycles such as second-cycle and doctoral degree programmes; or post-graduate certificates. High quality of instruction and high demands on academic performance guarantee high academic value of degrees awarded by the Faculty of Economic Sciences.
  5. Faculty of Economic Sciences considers it to be its fundamental duty to exert concern over the teaching content of the curricula and endeavours to counter the process of knowledge depreciation. The dynamics and unpredictability of economic changes in Poland and in the world demand fostering versatile skills and abilities. Thus curricula should be built on a thorough foundation of basic economic disciplines and of sciences which support economics. Specialist knowledge dedicated to particular applications depreciates at the fastest rate and should play an auxiliary role in education.
  6. Faculty of Economic Sciences recognises integrating economics into other University disciplines as a priority. Faculty of Economic Sciences supports and develops inter-faculty, multi-degree study programmes which offer access to rich intellectual heritage of the University to the students of economics, and enable students of the University to acquire economic knowledge.
  7. Faculty of Economic Sciences respects the need to maintain friendly relations and partnership between students and personnel. This is expressed in our care for student-instructor direct contact and for developing an efficient and transparent management system which helps students make reasonable choices of their fields of study and specialisations.
  8. As the Faculty of Economic Sciences educates elite of economists for both governmental and private sectors, we assume the mission of promoting and forming the civic attitudes and virtues of honesty, reliability, responsibility, and respect for principles.
The mission statement adopted by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Economic Sciences is binding for all personnel and students of the Faculty. It constitutes a framework for the operation of the Faculty and shapes the direction of its activities.


Framework and policy documents

Mission statement

The mission and goals of the Faculty of Economic Sciences. (full text)

Alumnus profile
Skills, knowledge and abilities graduates of the Faculty of Economic Sciences are endowed with.

Regulations of the Faculty of Economic Sciences UW

Quality assurance
Internal quality assurance measures.

Organisational chart
The organogram of the Faculty (.pdf enclosure)

Documents related to educational issues may be found in section Current students > Regulations and procedures.





What do we offer?

Ministerial Accreditation

As the only one in the country, the Faculty of Economic Sciences was awarded a prestigious distinction for its curricula in economics by the State Accreditation Committee (a ministerial body carrying out quality control with respect to institutions of higher education). Thus, we feel justified to claim that the curricula we offer to our students are the best in Poland!

There are many Polish schools ? although by far not all of them ? whose economics curricula were recognised by the State Accreditation Committee. However only the one offered at the Warsaw University Faculty of Economic Sciences was awarded the distinction in the course of this process. The State Accreditation Committee has been very restrictive in its decisions (University of Warsaw was awarded such an honour only twice so far), therefore our satisfaction is even greater. The written justification of the award is quite extensive and it will inspire us to further efforts towards applying our successful experience in all other curricula offered by our Faculty.

UAC Accreditation

University Accreditation Commission has awarded the CRPU Education Quality Certificate to the Faculty of Economic Sciences. The accreditation extends to all its degree programmes for the period of 5 years (maximum accreditation term at UAC). After an auditing visit in March 2003, the UAC evaluation team found that the Faculty of Economic Sciences meets all terms and standards for the accreditation award.

University Accreditation Commission is a joint higher education quality assurance measure established by the Conference of Rectors of Polish Universities (CRPU) in view of lack of governmental quality assurance measures in the 1990s. The Commission consists of senior academics of 19 major national universities who serve in auditing teams that on demand evaluate a university's degree programmes.

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