Regulations and procedures for the students of the Faculty of Economic Sciences

General information on Polish higher education

Law on Higher Education

Main legal act on higher education in Poland - pdf file.

Guide to Higher Education in Poland

Overview of Polish tertiary education system by the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange.

Rules of studies and student affairs

Regulations of studies at the University of Warsaw

Rules for all forms of instruction at UW, basic reference for all University students - PDF file.

Students' Office information for students

Student ID card

General information

Student ID is one of the two essential student documents in Poland.
Electronic student ID card, called ELS in Polish, is a chip card of a uniform layout in use at all universities in Poland. An ELS features your details, photo, student number and residence. Information about your student status and programme is also stored on the card. As all documents in Poland, student ID card is issued in Polish.
You will be requested to return your ID as you graduate from the program.

The main purpose of the student ID is to confirm your student status and identity. It secures your access to dorms, university libraries, computer facilities, laboratories, etc.
In Warsaw, students may encode their public transportation travelcards on ELS. ELS may also be used to cover parking fees in the city centre as well.

ELS entitles holder to various discounts, the most known of which are the public transportation reductions on:
- domestic railway tickets (37% reduction on domestic rails apart from express/IC trains for students of 26 years and under)
- urban transportation (50% discount in Warsaw regardless of age).
Yet, if you fail to present your student ID during ticket control on board, or if it is invalid or damaged, your ticket will be considered void and you will be fined.

How to get my ELS?

Grading scale

The following grading scale is in use at the University of Warsaw.

UW ECTS Description
5! A excellent
5 A very good
4+ B better than good
4 C good
3+ D satisfactory
3 E sufficient
2 F/FX fail

UW grades are categories and they do not express percentages. Correspondence between examination percentage results and numerical grades is established by examiner. Frequently, 60% is assumed as the minimum passing percentage.
Note: 5+ grade does not exist on UW scale.

Cumulative GPA is counted as an arithmetic average of grades. The final result featured on the diploma is expressed in a scale which is narrowed to three grades: 3 (satisfactory), 4 (good), and 5 (very good).

ECTS, meaning European Credit Transfer System, is a group of instruments aimed at creating transparency and comparativeness throughout European higher education area. ECTS grading scale is one of these instruments. Transcripts of records that the University of Warsaw issues for international exchange students use both UW and ECTS grading scales.

Polish - English Lexicon and English-Polish Glossary

Polish-English lexicon of the Faculty of Economic Sciences UW

This lexicon is designed to assist Polish-speaking faculty, staff and students of the Faculty in writing and translating texts touching various areas of Faculty activity (student affairs, education, teaching, research, and more). 
The lexicon contains a list of English equivalents of the organisational structure of the Faculty, as well as official English correspondents of the names of current programmes, fields, and specialties.

English-Polish glossary of the Faculty of Economic Sciences UW

The glossary is created for international students of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, especially those with little or no command of Polish and little experience of Polish educational system. The glossary features selected terms related to studying and education, as well as administrative proceedings together with brief explanations in English.

Note: The glossary is not a legal act. For binding definitions and information students and staff should refer to the following:
Principles of studies at the Faculty of Economics Sciences UW
Regulations of studies at the University of Warsaw

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