Online registration for classes

Ahead of every semester, students of the degree programmes offered at the Faculty of Economic Sciences register online for the courses they are going to take on the intranet system called the USOSWeb

This page contains essential information concerning online course registrations: schedules, alerts, manuals etc. Students are strongly recommended to monitor this page, especially as the registration dates are approaching.

  1. We would like to remind you that registration for WNE courses of the winter semester 2021/22 for students of the first year of studies will start on September 23, 2021.
    A detailed schedule is available below in the Registration schedules section.


Registration schedules

Registration schedule -   Fall semester AY 2021/2021

Important: Please verify whether you have not registered to any excessive classes. Once registration requests are approved participants are expected to obtain the course credit for it.

Information on registration to Undergraduate and Master thesis seminars: In the Fall (Winter) semester FII students are supposed to register for Undergraduate seminar and IEC students are supposed to register for Master thesis seminar. For QF students registration on master thesis seminar from the previous registration period will be automatically prolonged.

Manuals, explanations, presentations

Students are reminded that failure to register will cause their absence from the course participants list, and from the examination sheet. This poses the risk of course retake, even if you will have participated and fulfilled contentwise course requirements. Smooth run of the administrative work demands your cooperation. Below you may find some useful manuals:

Why it is important that you link your courses? Once you have registered for your courses, you should link them (using the course linkage tool, the yellow paperclip icon) to your programme of studies. Otherwise, the course will not show on your examination card. The linkages to the programme of studies are obligatory during the registration (if you study on one programme only, it is done autocratically), but later before the end of the academic year you must link your courses to the study term (the appropriate year of your studies). It is a prerequisite for seamless handling of your grades at the end of the academic year and may hamper us from crediting the year of study towards your degree. Detailed information in the manual below.

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