Rules for taking internships

Successful Completion of the Internship. Instruction

According to the Act on the Higher Education the student of the first-cycle full-time studies  is obliged to complete the internship during the studies which lasts at least 3 weeks (120 hours) and receives 3 points ECTS for that. The rules, the place, the form of the internship and terms of obtaining credits are regulated by Resolution NO. 22 of the Teaching Council of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw of 8 December 2020 on specific rules of completing, crediting, and monitoring the quality of apprenticeships.

Searching of the internship offers should be conducted by the students. The procedure of officially accepting the internship goes through the Dean's Plenipotentiary. Please note that most of the companies located in Poland require at least communicative Polish. For further help in searching for internship offers or creating CV please contact University Career Office. See the list of offers in English.

Please refer all the questions to the following e-mail: {t2T6b*F4O[]M`8p&-%qs/H30]#[`h%2!Gj5'7EtEOxyy!0WX!Q~w

The walk-in office hours of the Dean’s Plenipotentiary for Internships - Dariusz Standerski:

  • Monday, 14.30-15.00
  • Wednesday, 16.30-17.30

 room B108 in building B.

The procedure of completing the internship

The procedure of passing the internship depends on its form (please look at the point 10 in the above mentioned “The conditions…”).

The conditions of doing different forms of internship are indicated in the points 11-17 in the above mentioned “The conditions…”.

Below are the following documents to download:

  • The conditions of doing the internship during the first-cycle studies at the Faculty of Economic Studies (see below)
  • The internship agreement

The conditions of the first-cycle programme internships at the Faculty of Economic Sciences

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The general provisions

1. The Faculty of Economic Sciences, hereinafter the “Faculty”, organizes internships under a training program being an integral part of studies, in reference to the article 166 of The Law about Higher Education dd. 27th July 2005 (Dz. U. Nr 164, poz. 1365) and The Law about Higher Education about changes of Law dd. 11th of July 2014 year, Minister of Science and Higher Education Ordinance dd. 12th July 2007 on the educational standards in different fields of study and the Rules of study at the University of Warsaw dd. 18th October 2006, (incl. dd.16th May 2012), with Proclamation dd.17th April 2014
2. According to the standards of education the full-time first-cycle student is obliged to complete internship during the studies. The internship should last at least three weeks, 120 hours. The student is awarded 3 points ECTS after completing the internship.

 The objectives of internships

3. The objectives of the students’ internship are especially:

  • broadening  knowledge gained during the studies and making use of it,
  • familiarizing with the professional environment,
  • shaping the professional skills resulting from the specificity of the company where the  internship is held,
  • shaping the skills of effective communication in the organization,
  • learning about the organization structure, conditions, divisions, procedures, processes, work planning, control,
  • improving personal and group skills, time management skill, sense of responsibility for the tasks assigned,
  • improving the language skills in professional situation.

Organizing the internship

4. Dean’s Plenipotentiary is responsible for the supervision of the internship conditions, student’s performance evaluation at the internship, and awards him/her the credits.  

5. The documentation of the internship is prepared by Students Office.

The place of doing the internship

6. It is advised that the internship is undertaken in companies (as well as own business activity), public administration units, non-governmental organizations, EU institutions, hereinafter “Company/Institution” - which character is compatible with the field of studies’ profile.
7. The internship may also be completed abroad, especially as a part of the European Union program or in case of non-PL students.
8. Students may decide to complete the internship in the companies or institutions of their choice.
9. Students choose from the offer indicated by the Plenipotentiary or in the electronic data base prepared by the University Office of Professional Development  (BZPA–

The forms of internship

10. The forms of internships are following:

10.1  The internship in the organized form – student benefits from the offer available at the University Office of Professional Development website;

10.2  The internship in the individual form - student starts the process of signing the agreement with a company or institution, the Faculty takes the professional and organizational control over the conditions of the internship;

10.3   The employment on the basis of contract for the period of at least 1 month in a Company/Institution on a position compatible with the profile of the field of study;

10.4   Student’s own business activity;

10.5    Activity organized by the University, which lets achieving the internship’s objectives compatible with the field of study:

  • doing  projects as a part of activity of students scientific involvement;
  • taking part in the scientific-research, or preparatory works, or projects;
  • implementation of didactic simulation projects which refer to business activity.

Students’ obligations

11. The student should:

11.1  before the beginning of the internship:

  • get familiar with the rules of completing the internship,
  • obtain the Plenipotentiary’s acceptance for the form, program and the term of internship.

11.2 after the end of internship and before graduating:

  • provide the Plenipotentiary, within the time indicated by the Faculty, with the obligatory and agreed documents confirming the completion of the internship, its character, conditions, etc.  
  • fill the final report and evaluate internship’s usefulness in terms of gaining professional skills.

12. In the case of doing the internship in the form indicated in the points 10.1 – 10.2 student is obliged to:

  • agree on the program and the conditions of doing the internship with the advisor in the Company/Institution (to obtain the forms contact the Plenipotentiary)
  • provide the Company/Institution with agreement on organizing of the internship provided by the University (to obtain the forms contact the Plenipotentiary)
  • after the end of the internship obtain a certificate of its completion  (to obtain the forms contact the Plenipotentiary) and present them to the Plenipotentiary .

13. In the case of the group internship (according to the point 10.1) the program should be discussed with the Plenipotentiary. Student should obtain a confirmation letter, which states that his/her internship is a mandatory part of his/her studies, from the University Office of Professional Development. Student also should obtain an internship reference letter from his/her supervisor prior to the end of the internship (to obtain the forms contact the Plenipotentiary) and submit it to Plenipotentiary.

14. In the case of the internship in the form of employment (according to the point 10.3) student is obliged to obtain Plenipotentiary’s acceptance on the details: if the internship was completed he/she should deliver the certificate of employment, if it is in progress he/she should submit the statement of employment and the confirmation of professional duties.

15. In the case of the internship in the form of student’s own business activity (according to the point 10.4) the student is obliged to obtain Plenipotentiary’s acceptance on the details: the documents of conducting business activity, confirmation of the registration and doing the professional tasks in the time indicated as practice and apply for acknowledgement of professional work as an internship (to obtain the forms contact the Plenipotentiary).

16. In the case of the organized internship at the University the student is obliged to obtain Plenipotentiary’s acceptance on the details. The Plenipotentiary  negotiates and fixes the rules of conducting these internships and supervises the implementation of the process.

17.Student is obliged to organize the internship in accordance to the program and:

  • to obey the rules of participation in the internship indicated by the University,
  • to obey order and discipline of work established by the Company/Institution,
  • to obey the rules of Safety and Hygiene of Work and fire protection,
  • to obey company’s/institution’s rules, e.g. intellectual property rights, non-disclosure or confidentiality of specific methods, technologies, business strategies, sensitive data.  

The terms of completing the internship

18. The Plenipotentiary awards the student with credits for the internship completed on the basis of the documents presented by the student.

19. To complete the internship it is necessary:

  • to perform the best of her/his ability to complete the program indicated in the agreement,
  • to deliver appropriate documents/statements/reports confirming participation in the activities, achieving the goals of internship,
  • to present the report of the progress and evaluation.

20. The statement about the completed internship should include information in accordance with the form (to obtain the forms contact the Plenipotentiary):

  • student’s personal details;
  • Company/Institution details;
  • a timing and duration (how many hours) of the internship;
  • issues with which the student familiarized himself/herself during the internship;
  • opinion about the student’s performance
  • stamp of the person authorized to confirm the internship.

21. The internship is formally accepted when the  Plenipotentiary completes the final step, assign grade, accordingly to the University rules.

22. The participation in an internship is a precondition for graduating.

The final provisions

23. Student is obliged to obtain the accident insurance for the duration of the internship.

24. The University insures student who is doing the internship during the time provided for in the plan of studies.

25. Student who decided to do the internship in other time than provided for in the plan of studies, has to insure her/himself on her/him own and inform the Plenipotentiary about the fact before the beginning of the internship.

26. The Faculty does not refund any costs of doing the internship.

27. If the Company/Institution decides that the student will receive payment during the internship, appropriate contract of employment is signed between the Company/Institution and a student without University’s involvement.

28. The conditions of doing the internship by non-PL student are the same as for Polish students, unless the Dean, obliged by an international agreement, decides otherwise.

29. In the case of doing the internship funded from EU structural funds and from other domestic and foreign financial resources adequate regulations and rules apply.

30. Besides the mandatory internship, student can complete additional voluntary internship.  The University Office of Professional Development  at the University of Warsaw is responsible for organizing the extra internship.

Attachments to the conditions of doing internships on the first – cicle studies (available after contacting the Plenipotentiary):

  1. The agreement concerning organization of internship
  2. The internship program
  3. The statement of doing the internship
  4. The model of application of passing the internship on the basis of employment, conducting a business activity and taking other forms of activity
  5. The internship report

The translation is a provisional version and has not been officially accepted by the Faculty Council; the basic regulations are provided in Polish.



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