Financial aid

Students may be eligible for several forms of financial aid from the University of Warsaw. Those of importance to foreign students are explained below.

Need-based bursary (stypendium socjalne)

Profile: Need-based bursaries are meant to alleviate financial difficulty which students may experience.
Eligibility: Polish citizens enrolled in any degree programme. International students qualify for the need-based bursary only if Polish administration has given them a form of long-term (more than 5 years) residence approval (the status of refugee or temporary protection, a settlement permit (a residence permit with unrestricted validity), residence permit for the long-term resident of the European Communities, or a residence permit for a fixed period (zezwolenie na zamieszkanie na czas oznaczony). All these refer to foreigners with a record of usually five or more years' legal residence in Poland. In addition, EU/EFTA students may qualify for the need-based bursary if they are migrant workers with an employment record in Poland or migrant worker's children. Apart from these cases, students who are not citizens of Poland do not qualify for this benefit.
Selection: Based on documented income level per person in applicant's family.
Duration: Benefits are paid on a monthly basis for the duration of the academic year (from the month following the approval of bursary application until June). 
Procedure: Bursary applications and financial need estimation sheets are available from the Students' Office and should be filed in September (deadlines provided by the Students' Office) together with statements from the Revenue Office (Urząd Skarbowy) which specify both parents' declared incomes for the previous tax year. Consult your representative in the Student Bursary Committee for exact details and procedures.
Students who qualify for the need-based bursary may also apply for partial accommodation refund if they reside in university housing.
Deadline: If the paper form of application is delivered todean's office before 10th of the month, student will receive need-base bursary for that moth.  

Academic performance awards (stypendia motywacyjne)

Profile: Academic performance award is a fixed monthly benefit paid to students of the highest academic performance.
Eligibility: Polish citizens enrolled in the Faculty who studied at the University of Warsaw or at another Polish university in the previous academic year. International students of no long-term residence record in Poland are not eligible (provisions which apply here are similar to those specified for the need-based bursary).
Selection: Performance is measured by students' GPA for the previous academic year. The baseline GPA is 4.0, yet the actual GPA threshold is unique each year and depends on the award budget. Yearly approximately 15% students of the Faculty obtain the performance awards.
For programmes taken at other universities and faculties, Student Bursary Committee may select which courses are considered in order to allow for comparative approach. Student Bursary Committee will actively participate in the decision-making process.
Duration: Awards are paid on a monthly basis for the duration of the academic year (from the month following the approval of bursary application until June). Amounts are either transferred to domestic bank accounts or paid in cash at the departmental Financial Division.
Procedure: No applications necessary unless requested by the Students' Office.
Deadline: Paper form of application must be delivered till 17th of October to the Dean's office with documents that authenticate high performance in previous academic year."

Special need benefit (zapomoga)

Profile: Special need benefit is designed as a one-time provisional aid that can help student tackle unexpected difficulties or urgencies beyond their control. The amount of the benefit is individual and is a compromise between the need and funding possibilities.
Eligibility: All degree students regardless of citizenship and residence.
Selection: Vice-Rector for Students' Affairs makes individual decisions on the basis of information provided by the student. Amounts exceeding 1000 PLN need University Students' Government Board approval.
Duration: This is a one-time benefit. Every student may be assigned the special need benefit twice every academic year.
Procedure: Student in need applies to the Vice-Rector for Students' Affairs via the Students' Office at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. Applications in writing should be submitted to the Students' Office and should provide all information that may make the decision-making process easier.

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