Degree dissertation requirements

Apart from completion of the entire curriculum of the programme, there are two more crucial requirements for the award of the degree of Warsaw University Faculty of Economic Sciences: submission of your own graduate dissertation research project and passing the degree examination (the defence of your thesis project).
This section guides you through the formal side of the process of preparation, submission, and degree defence.


All missing schedules will appear shortly as they are being currently updated. Please make sure you check the schedules for most recent updates before your defence.

Schedules - 18-24 September

You are expected to show up at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled defense time.

For deadlines of degree submission and degree examinations please refer to the For students > Academic calendar.

There are 2 regular periods of degree exams (thesis defense):

1. June/July (if thesis is submitted by the deadline in June), and
2. September (if thesis is submitted by the end of August)

In case you pass all the courses, but fail to submit and defend your thesis in either of the two periods/, you will be officially discontinued from studies.

A person who has fulfilled all the requirements set out in the study curriculum except for obtaining credit for the last cycle of the degree seminar due to the failure to submit a thesis envisaged in the curriculum may apply for resumption of studies without the requirement to make up curricular differences within the non-extendable period of two years of being removed from the list of students. The Dean may decide on specific terms of completing the degree seminar, after consulting the student's thesis supervisor. In the event of the student's re-removal from the list of students, resumption of studies shall be possible only on the general resumption rules, including the requirement to make up curricular difference.

The degree exams are additionally arranged in December (if you submit thesis in November), then in February (if you submit in January) and in April/May (if you submit in April). And then again in two regular periods: June and September.

General guidelines


Submission procedure


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